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Dear Friday, Thanks for showing up to the game. I was starting to think you were going to be a no show this week. Thank goodness you came along because I’m not sure what would have happened to Saturday and Sunday.
Dear Miss Maggie, I’m sorry that I have to put you in your room during the week while I’m at work. Could you please stop giving me the saddest face every time I put you in there? It really makes my heart so sad!
Dear Marathon Training, Thanks for holding me accountable for my workouts. I decided I was going to be taking you very seriously when I signed up. That’s really the only reason I pried my happy ass off the couch yesterday evening to knock out a quick run.
Dear Job, Get better. That’s all.
Dear Aggie Football, Get ready to kick some butt in just 6 days against Louisiana Tech. We really need a strong win to kick off the season right!
Dear Fantasy Football Leagues, Team Amy is Awesome and Team Great Gougley Mougley are coming to getcha! Better watch out 🙂
Dear Stress, Please go away. Don’t know know what effects stress has on the body? It’s really not good and I’m not looking to gain any belly fat at this point in my life. Just saying. So if you would, just leave. And never come back. Kay Thanks.
Dear Friends, Sorry I suck at returning phone calls right now. It’s not you, it’s me. For real though, I promise I’ll get back to y’all as soon as possible. Quite frankly, I do not feel like talking on the phone right now. I need to get over it.
Dear Bloggy World, Thanks for being so amazing. After my stress post on Tuesday, I received some of the sweetest e-mails that truly made me cry {in a good way}. What an amazing support system I have in the blog world and real life! 
Dear Hubby, I love you. You are amazing. Thank you for being you, my rock and my everything. I’m a pretty lucky girl. You can stick around for a while. 😉
Dear Life, I know I complain sometimes, but I know I’ve really got it good. I just need to remember how blessed I am and look at all the light in my life!
So here’s to Friday! Hope y’alls work day goes by fast and the weekend ticks on slowly by. Have a great weekend and I’ll be back on Monday!
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