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Inspire Me: Healthy – Fuel your workout

Inspire Me: Healthy – Fuel your workout

I think my new favorite link up is Thursday’s Inspire me: Healthy with Kristen and Raven! I used to do my fitness posts on Monday, but I don’t think switching them to Thursday messes anything up at all!

Today I want to talk about something very important to any woman working out: what and how to eat to fuel your body! This is important to me for several reasons: (1) my many tummy issues and allergies and (2) I don’t always fuel my body properly and this is something I’m striving to do better! Before we get into too much detail, let’s take a look at…

Last Week’s Workouts
Friday: 2.5 mile walk + 15 minute freestyle swim
Saturday: 5 mile long run {9:30 pace} + 2 mile run {9:20 pace}
Sunday: OFF
Monday: 3.1 mile run {8:36 pace}
Tuesday: 2.65 miles {1.15 mile warm up; 2 x 800 and 2 x 400 sprints}
Wednesday: 4 mile easy run {8:46}
Thursday: 4 mile tempo run {will do this after work!}

Okay that was fun 🙂 I’ll be headed to the gym after work today! I like publicizing what I’ll be doing today on the blog because it holds me accountable! Now back to nutrition. What you eat seriously effects how you perform. The less processed the food, the better. I’m guilty of eating more processed foods than I should, so here’s a list of minimally processed foods for runners {since I’m in training}, but really this is great for anyone being physically active!


Lucky more me I like all of the above foods. One problem, I’m allergic to beef and eggs. Looks like I’m cutting those out, but chicken is also an excellent option. Lean grilled chicken breast is an excellent source of protein and when eaten after a weight training workout it helps to repair and rebuild your muscles!

So my goal is to eat more natural and less processed foods! Next week I’ll try and share several of my meals along with my workouts to see how far I’ve come. For breakfast this morning I’m starting out right with almond butter and banana slices on low calorie wheat bread! Oh and of course I had my morning cup of coffee – not black, this girl needs her creamer! Not a bad start though!

One more thing I want to point out is that many people think they’ll lose weight while training for a full or half marathon; however, running makes you hungrier! When starting a workout routine remember not to reward yourself with food. It’s so easy to say, well I ran 5 miles today or I worked out for an hour today {totally guilty}, but this is what keeps you from losing and potentially can make you gain weight! It’s so easy to forget that just because your working out more doesn’t mean you should always eat more!

Here are some other nutrition resources:,,s6-242-0-0-0,00.html

Hope y’all have a wonderful, fit and healthy Thursday!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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