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Hump Day Dump

Hump Day Dump

Happy Hump Day y’all! Half way through the wee and only 3 more days until the hubs and I take off on our 3 day anniversary get away. Another 3 day weekend for me! Thank y’all so much for all the sweet comments on my anniversary post! I still can’t believe it’s already been 2 years…my how time flies!

So you may remember my Easter recap from Monday…well…there was SO much more going on this weekend than just Easter! We kept ourselves very busy. In a good way of course!

It all started Thursday afternoon. I decided that I didn’t feel like working anymore and left around 3:30pm to go to the mall {excellent decision on my part}. I managed to pick up a little something for the hubby for our anniversary and a few ingredients from Target to bake Italian Sweet Easter bread! I mean what else is a girl to do on a Thursday evening with no work on Friday and no hubby to hang out with? Clearly baking, running, Panera Bread and Dance Mom’s catch up was in store! And that’s exactly what I did. I’ll be sure to share my Italian Sweet Bread recipe. It was so yummy! Plus you can just make it without the eggs and it’s no longer destined to be associated with only one holiday 🙂

Friday started with a trip to the dog park with Miss Maggie! She had a great time. All of the dogs were just laying around until Maggie got there and of course she stirred things up! Little Miss loves to run. Absolutely loves it. It was nice to get some energy out of her because we went to the driving range after dropping her off at home. It was nice to get out to the range and swing the club around a bit. {Especially since we may be playing golf on Monday during our weekend get away!} Friday night, we were off to the Astros opening day! We were given free tickets {hello awesome} and were super excited. I know that the Astros are known as the Lastos and they haven’t been good since 2005, but they’re my team, I support them and going to baseball games are fun!

The Astros ended up losing to the Rockies 5-3, but came back and won the next 2 games to take the series. The Astros had their first winning record since 2009! Whoop!

The hubs and I kicked off Saturday with a quick 3 miles around the Memorial Park Loop. It was a great morning for running and I hadn’t run at Memorial since we moved back! After showering and making myself presentable, we were off to St. Arnold’s Brewery to celebrate our friend Lucas’s birthday! Several beers, a lot of M&M’s and a slice of cake later, we were off to the Crowson’s for a crawfish boil!

I love crawfish and haven’t had them since before we went to Pittsburgh! Philip did a great job and they were super delish. The entire afternoon/evening was a blast. It felt like we were just hanging out and tailgating {minus the football of course}.

The pups were all together and had a great time. I’ve realized that Miss Maggie thinks she is much bigger than she really is and the chase is her favorite game ever {oh wait, I already knew that second part!} By 8:00pm we were exhausted and it was time to drive to Sugar Land to hang out with the fam and dye Easter eggs! See Monday’s post 🙂

There’s nothing better than a long holiday weekend staying in town. We didn’t have to travel and we packed so much into those 3 days! Did you do anything fun/exciting this past weekend? Anybody travel to see family or just to get away? I can’t wait to get away this weekend, but it’s a secret! You’ll have to see where we went once we get back 🙂

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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