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Disney Princess Weekend Day 1 and Race Recap
Disney Races

Disney Princess Weekend Day 1 and Race Recap

Happy Hump Day and Leap Day everyone! How neat is it that we get an extra day this year? A special happy birthday to anyone whose birthday is today! You only get one every four years 🙂 So happy 6th birthday to my friend Kristin Curras!!! Love you!

Now on any normal Wednesday, I would do my usual link ups, but I have wayyyy to much to tell y’all about. Instead I’m going to tell y’all about Disney Day 1 and Day 2 morning…aka…RACE RECAP!

Arriving at Disney…
After a long day of flight delays for all 4 of us, we finally made it to Disney! Emily, Julie and I arrived around 8:45pm and poor Andrea didn’t make it to the room until 12:45am! After Andrea’s multiple flight delays, her original flight was cancelled and she was re-routed from Huntsville, AL to Chicago, IL then to Orlando, FL! Craziness…but we all made it 🙂

1. We stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort and our room was a Finding Nemo theme! Can you spot Nemo and Dory in our bed spread?

2. Luckily, we came prepared with lots of snacks just in case. No one wants to get Hanrgy! I am totally guilty of that 🙂 After Andrea arrived, we all passed out to get a good night’s sleep before our adventure!
3. My sister and I in front of our door!

Day 1 – Expo and Downtown Disney
Saturday morning started off with a yummy breakfast at our resort. I figured that the best way to start of a weekend at Disney would be a Mickey Mouse waffle.

I was correct. It was amazing. Next we were headed off to ESPN Wide World of Sports to visit the expo!

There were several fun picture areas, so we were able to snap a few shots of all the girls.

The expo turned out to be great. There were a lot of vendors there.Some of my favorites were Luna Bar, Sweaty Bands, Lady Foot Locker, Florida Grapefruit, Redbook, Chiquita Banana and so many more. There were a lot of freebies and samples which I always LOVE! We got up to the expo around 11:00am and it wasn’t too crowded, but by the time we left it was crazy busy. I definitely recommend getting up there early if you want to enjoy everything!

After a few hours of Expo/Wide World of Sports time, we went back to our resort for lunch and some time in the sun followed by a trip to Downtown Disney!

We checked out quite a few of the shops and all found the perfect crown/tiaras for race day! It’s always fun to just walk around and explore Downtown Disney because there are so many fun things to see.

Day 1 concluded with dinner at Earl of Sandwich, wandering around Downtown Disney and an early bedtime for our REALLY early morning ahead!

Race Recap
At 2:45am Sunday morning, my alarm went off and it’s safe to say that none of us were particularly please. We did manage to roll out of bed and get ready. It’s definitely the best I’ve ever looked at 3:00am {since usually it’s more like I’m coming home, hair all over, shoes in hand and ready for bed!} We made it to the buses by 3:15am in order to avoid the wait and that feeling you get in your stomach when you think you may be late!

We made it to the pre-race area and everything was organized very well! It also helped that they had music blaring and lots of fun dance along songs to get you going even though you would rather be in bed. There were plenty of port-o-potties lined up everywhere with easy access. We didn’t use the bag check since we had my sister cheering for us on the sidelines, but the bag check area was very organized alphabetically and by race bib number which helped the flow. As it is for all Disney races, you do have quite the walk to get to the start line. Honestly, I think it’s great. It gives you the opportunity to get your blood flowing and muscles loose. Once we made it to our corral, there was fun music playing and the race MC’s were really trying to pump up all the runners. They were fun at first, but a bit annoying by the time we finally took off in Corral E.

Just like last year, the actual race was super fun! They have characters and fun props along the way, tons of picture ops and you get to run through Magic Kingdom! I do wish that we got to run through the park longer, but it’s still a blast.

Julie, Andrea and I ran the first 6.5 miles together, then Andrea pulled back a bit after Cinderella’s Castle and I helped Julie finish strong to the end. She wanted to kick my butt or strangle me multiple times, but she did thank me in the end for pushing her even when she had no desire to keep running. That’s what friends are for. We made a pretty great team I must say!

I decided to carry my camera with me while I ran this time around. It was a GREAT decision. I mean, I got some pretty fun shots and don’t have to pay $30 for one 5×7!

What a great race! It was so much fun! Any questions? Thinking about running a Disney race? DO IT! Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about our adventures in Magic Kingdom. Yes, we went after the race. Who cares that we work up at 2:45am and ran 13.1 miles? We were in Disney!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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