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Princess Facts

Princess Facts

I know y’all are probably getting a little tired of hearing about Disney and Princesses. I’m not 🙂 I would promise that this is going to be my last Disney post, but it’s not. I mean come on, I know y’all want to read my awesome re-cap! And let’s be honest, with all the fun that we’ll be experiencing, it will probably take 2 posts to fill y’all in. I promise it’s all worth it. Since I am leaving for Disney tomorrow, {WHAT I’m leaving TOMORROW? AWESOME!} I thought it would be fun to share some fun and random facts about Disney Princesses that one wouldn’t usually know! I hope you learn something new today!

  • When the Disney Princesses are pictured together, none of them are looking at one another. They’re either looking at the camera or off to the side. This is because Roy Disney {Walt’s nephew} didn’t want to mass merchandise the princesses outside of their own stories. He finally caved, but said they cannot acknowledge on another!
  • In the Little Mermaid, Sebastian the Crab’s full name is Horatio Thelonius Ignatius Crustatious Sebastian. 
  • The dance between Belle and her Prince in the finale is actually a reused animation of the dance between Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip in Sleeping Beauty. The original Sleeping Beauty pair had been drawn over to become the Belle and the Beast. They ended up doing this because the animators were running out of time during the production of the movie!
  • Did you know that Pocahontas was portrayed in the film as a 17 year old, but in real life, they thought her to be roughly 12 when she met John Smith. Her exact birth date is actually unknown.

  • Sleeping Beauty and Ariel are both known to have married very young. Their actual ages {both 16} are mentioned in the movies. 
  • Cinderella spends almost the entire movie with her shoes on while Pocahontas never wears shoes.
  • In The Princess and The Frog, there are various tributes to previous films. During the song “Down in New Orleans”, the carpet from Aladdin is being shaken up on a balcony and Mama Odie comes across the lamp from Aladdin. A Mardi Gras parade float is modeled after King Triton from The Little Mermaid.

  • Ariel and her sisters each represent a color of the rainbow. But Ariel is the only one whose seashell bra does not have the exact same color of her tail.

Did you learn something new today? I know I did and I had a blast finding these facts. Interesting, no?
I’m super excited about running through Cinderella’s castle and exploring the wonders of Magic Kingdom. There’s something about Disney World that makes the little kid come out in everyone. We all needs that every now and again!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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