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A Final Farewell

A Final Farewell

I can’t believe I’m actually saying typing this, but today is our LAST day in Pittsburgh! Has it really come to this so soon? I know that Friday I was saying it was my last weekend in Pittsburgh, but to go from my last weekend to my last day…it seems so soon.  For the most part, it wasn’t the most eventful weekend ever. It’s hard to be too eventful when you have movers taking everything out of your home! Friday night we went ice skating and I had a Flashback to this time in 2010. Saturday I planned on running, but had to stick to the elliptical due to the quarter size blisters I developed while ice skating. We also watched the movers and I got a massage…ahhhh. Sunday morning we spent 4 hours cleaning pretty hard core, followed meeting up with Matt an Maria at Buffalo Wild Wings and watching the Texans AND the Packers (sad day) lose! Then the four of us headed to Matt’s brother’s house to meet his family and enjoy lots of Christmas treats! On Saturday and Sunday, it also snowed! How sweet of God to give me one last Pittsburgh snow 🙂

Starting to snow harder as our movers were finishing up!

Sunday morning!

The hubs being a doll and cleaning off the windshield while I warmed up the car!

Now, today is the interesting part of this post. I give you all permission to laugh and point your fingers at me because the situation I am currently in is quite pitiful! This morning my wonderful husband woke me up at 4:50a.m. and brought me from my nice, warm hotel bed to our cold, empty house where I proceed to attempt to sleep on the living room floor until 7a.m. I probably got about an hour of sleep {which is more than JP got so I’m not complaining}. Definitely didn’t get much more than that since our house makes creepy noises when it’s empty and I’m alone. Now I’m sure you’re wondering why on earth he brought me here. Unfortunately, today is the only day we could get our carpets cleaned and trust me, they NEEDED to be cleaned. The car moving company {don’t know what it’s really called clearly} took my car on Friday leaving us with only one car which is good since we only want to drive one car home to Texas. This is not so good for the 11-12 hours I will be spending in our empty house with no form of transportation. So now, while all of you are sitting at your desks at work, in your chair or on your comfy couch at home, you can picture me sitting on the floor in my kitchen. Yes, the floor. Yes, the kitchen tile. My carpets are now clean…and wet. I’m tired of standing up at the counter, but soon I’m sure that my rump will tell me it’s tired of the title floors.
Tonight, JP and I will start the 1,466 mile journey from Pittsburgh to Houston. It will include several stops along the way and I’ll be sure to keep y’all posted on our progress! Tonight {after the hubs picks me up from my house}, we’re having an early farewell dinner with our Pittsburgh besties, Matt and Maria. I can’t even explain how much I’m going to miss them. Luckily, we’ll be visiting Pittsburgh and they’ve both promised to come to Texas and I’m totally holding them to it! CHEESE ALERT: We’re having dinner at Red Robing because that is the first place that the four of us were all together {JP and I met Matt on different occasions} and they have a good, but early {4-6p.m.} happy hour. After dinner, we plan to tackle 186 miles and stay the night in Columbus, Ohio!

Stay tuned for our super fun car trip which I believe will include some entertaining stories if I know us. I have some other fun Christmasy things up my sleeve for y’all! So here’s to my last post in Pittsburgh! It’s been great 🙂
Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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