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Holiday Party & A Spontaneous Night

Holiday Party & A Spontaneous Night

It’s Friday, Friday, gunna get down on Friday! Yes, I went there. You’re welcome. You probably have one of the most annoying songs in your head now, but it’s okay because it’s Friday! Oh I thought it would never get here. What an exhausting week! Since it’s Friday, I’m linking up with the lovey Alison over at {long distance loving} for a holiday party edition of My Friday Fancies!


I love this classy Aubry Hepburn style dress with a little bit of holiday glam. I decided to go with a bright blue accent to represent the coolness of winter. I feel like a holiday outfit always needs a little bit of sparkle 🙂

So yesterday I had plans to go to the gym with Maria after work then head back to my house for a pot roast dinner and baking for our Christmas party this weekend! However, one little text message managed to completely change my plans and turned out to be an AWESOME night! I’m not exactly the most spontaneous person…during the week at least. I mean, work is exhausting and I generally go to the gym, cook or grab dinner and then veg on the couch with the hubs and pup until bedtime! I’m glad that I decided to break the cycle last night!

I’ve known Kyle Borque since I was 14 years old. We actually dated for about a year when I was 15 🙂 After we broke up, we ended up becoming dear friends and sadly he knows me far too well. Kyle is a 4th year med student about to graduate in May, so he’s currently travelling around the US and going on interviews for his residency! Who knew that he would actually end up in Pittsburgh, PA? He told me that he bought tickets to the Steelers game last night and wanted to meet up for drinks and dinner near the stadium. JP and I suggested Jerome Bettis’ Grill since we went there while we were house hunting last Christmas and had a blast. JP and I brought Maria along for the adventure and we met up with Kyle and a new friend he met during his interviews! It was already packed when we got there at 6pm, but it was an awesome “tailgating” atmosphere. It was great to see Kyle, have a few beers and cheer on the Steelers!


Walking by PNC with their Christmas lights up!


JP and Maria on the Clemente Bridge!


Me and Maria freezing outside of Bettis’ Grill!

And of course, I forgot to get a picture with Kyle before he left for the game!!! Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to see him again when I’m back in Houston!

That’s all for today! Happy Friday. I’m ready to be off work so I can head to the gym for a killer workout with Maria followed by baking, wine and movies 🙂

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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