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San Antonio Race Training Recap

San Antonio Race Training Recap

Hello my dear friends! I usually do a race training recap the Friday before my race, but since my flight to Houston leaves at 5:50a.m. and tomorrow is Friday Fancies, I decided to talk about my training today!

Running has become such an integral part of my life. I L.O.V.E. to run. It brings me joy, peace, calm, release and so much more. Just because I love running doesn’t mean I love every run. I’ve definitely had a few rough patches through this short training cycle.

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I started training for San Antonio right after coming off of my HUGE PR in Philly where I shaved 6:15 off of my previous PR and finished in 1:50:44. It felt weird to drop back down to lower mileage each week, but I knew that following my training would be the best for my body. To be quite honest, the first 6 weeks of my 8 week training plan went amazing! I was able to get a majority of my long runs outside except week 6 when the October snow kept me on the treadmill. After about week 2, a majority of my weekday runs were at the gym. The sun was coming up later and later and safety is much more important than getting to run outside. {Don’t get me wrong, I would rather run outside, but not on a dark trail where something could go wrong!} As long as I am somewhere I can run, train and let it all out, I am happy. Though the dreadmill has never been a best friend of mine, I have learned to love it. It’s better than running with icy lungs or in the snow or alone in the dark. I’ve made sure to change my pace and the incline on the treadmill to make it as similar to outdoor running as possible.

Week 7 came and so did Bronchitis. It hit me hard. I was completely out of commission for a week. To be honest, it killed me! I missed being at the gym, I missed being on the trail, I missed being able to stay awake for more than 3 hours at a time, I missed breathing without coughing, I missed a lot. I am a terrible person to be around when I’m sick. I think it’s mostly because I am really bad at doing nothing. There may only be one lazy bone in my body and it’s reserved for about one Sunday a month. I did manage to make it through with a lot of rest, fluids, more rest, medicine, even more rest and a lot of love from my husband. {I’m still trying to figure out how he puts up with me daily.}

This week is currently week 8. I took Monday off after running on Saturday and Sunday mostly because my chest was a little tight and my legs were crazy sore from running and then playing 2 games of flag football on Sunday. Tuesday’s run was not the best and yesterday’s workout was fine but I only did the elliptical. I plan on a 35 minute treadmill run after work since we’re looking at temps in the low 40’s/upper 30’s and possible rain and/or flurries this evening. I’m hoping this is better than Tuesday’s run so I can end on a good note. There is really nothing worse than being sick right before a race. I’m thankful for this week of recovery, but Bronchitis is one of those illnesses that lingers on for a few weeks after you are deemed “better.” Despite the gunk in my chest and the annoying, lingering cough, I’m super excited about the race and I am proud of how well I stuck to my training plan despite the weather and being sick! I’m planning to run strong, but I’m not necessarily shooting for a new PR. A new course PR wouldn’t be too shabby though! My previous PR was in San Antonio and I think I can run a solid 1:55:00 on Sunday!

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I love training for races. This year has been my BIGGEST year and my BEST year. I feel like I have come so far since my first race in San Antonio November 2009. This will be my 3rd Rock ‘n Roll San Antonio, 6 half marathon and I still have 3 lined up in Janurary, February and March! Running has given me a new hope and strength that I didn’t know I had in me. I’ve always been an athlete, but I can call myself a runner too. It’s a proud feeling. All of the stress, time, energy and emotion that I put into running is always worth it. I am proud of the sacrafices I have made to become better and continuously improve myself. It’s all worth it!

I can’t wait to see my girls and run race number THREE together!!!

Rock ‘n Roll SA 2009: First Half Marathon EVER! Amy, Andrea, Julie

Rock ‘n Roll SA 2010: Amy, Julie, Chris, Andrea

 Next up: Aaramco Houston Half Marathon January 15, 2012. I’m planning to run the full in 2013 as long as I make the lottery! Have you been training for any fall/winter races? Which ones?

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With love and God bless,

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