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Frost and Flag Football

Frost and Flag Football

Happy Monday everyone! I’ll be honest, I woke up this morning dreading the fact that I had to work. The weekends get shorter and shorter every week!

This weekend was pretty mild and I spent most of Saturday relaxing, baking, watching the Aggies get completely dominated by OU 🙁 and playing/walking Miss Maggie! Oh and I worked out for the first time in a week! This was a huge deal since I love working out and it killed me to be sick and out of gym/off of the trail for a week. I ran 5.25 miles at the gym Saturday morning and it felt great to run again. To be completely honest, that was the most productive thing I did all day Saturday. I walked Maggie for about 3 miles throughout the day which she enjoyed. Aside from that, it was a lazy, amazing day!

My baby girl posing for the camera!

 Sunday was a completely different story. I woke up at 7:00 a.m. to go for an 8 miler since I had to cut last week’s run to 6 miles. The weather app on my phone said it was 40 degrees outside and I was super excited about that. As soon as I started driving, I realized it was much colder than 40. By the time I got to the trail, it was 25 DEGREES!!! Freezing…below freezing actually. Everything along the trail was covered in frost!

Pretty leaf! Everything was coated in frost. I loved how it sparkled in the sunlight!

Clearly not my cutest picture, but I’m all bundled and clearly freezing my bootie off!

It was quite beautiful actually. I ended up cutting my run to only 6 miles. The freezing cold air was hurting my lungs pretty bad, so at mile 3 I made the executive decision to cut it short. The last thing I needed was to get sick again a week before the race!
Luckily it warmed up quite a bit after my run because I spent the next several hours out at the flag football field. Yesterday was the playoffs! We had to win our first game in order to make it to the championship, so we showed up early to watch the Orange and White teams battle it out to see what we would be competing against for the big game if we made it. After the White team won that game, we played the Charcoal team. We lost to the by a touchdown in our last regular season game and we weren’t happy about it. We should have won, but we played a little sloppy. Now it was time for redemption! ANDDDD….we did it! We beat the Charcoal team by a touchdown and were super excited to be heading to the Championship game!!! The Championship was super fun. The White team is known for their loud mouths and crazy tempers, so it kept things interesting. It was close, we scored a touchdown with only seconds left and needed to get the extra point to tie the game. Instead of going for one, we decided to go for 2 and go for the win. Unfortunately, their fastest player rushed our QB. He still got the pass off, but the receiver bobbled it. It was a tough loss, but a fun game and a FANTASTIC season!

Team picture minus JP and Maria who were both on vaycay!

After spending 3 hours at the field, we were all starving, so we headed to Southside for lunch and beers at Double Wide Grill. It was a lot of fun spending time with the team and I’m really going to miss all of them when JP and I back in Texas! I vowed to schedule my Spring trip to Pittsburgh after football season has started so that JP and I can come play that weekend with them! I’m honestly looking forward to it. By the time I got home it was nearly 4:00 p.m. and Maggie was so glad to see me. We spent quite a bit of time cleaning, walking and playing the rest of the day. I must say that I was super bummed when it was pitch black outside at 6:00p.m.! I guess I’ll get used to it just like I do every year.

Like I said, a pretty chill weekend for me and much needed after being sick. I’m so happy to be feeling better and can’t wait to get to Texas on Friday! Did anyone do something exciting this weekend?
Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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