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A Trip to Title Town

A Trip to Title Town

Wow! Words cannot even begin to describe the amazing experience that my dad, brother and I shared this weekend! Anyone who knows me, knows that I have always been a die hard Green Bay Packers fan…thanks to my dad! I have loved them through their ups and downs, and luckily, this year has been an up thus far!

Friday evening was spent with some of my wonderful Timmer family in Sycamore, Illinois! I was able to see my Aunt Kim and Uncle Tim as well as all of my cousins: Nick, Sam {Nick’s wife!}, Dan, Cindi and Jake! We had some delicious Chicago style deep dish pizza for dinner and we spent the rest of the evening chatting and catching up.

I started Saturday morning off with a beautiful 4.5 mile run. It was a cold, crisp 36 degrees at 7:00 a.m. in Northern Illinois, but the sunny morning in a completely foreign place made it so much better. I ran around my aunt and uncle’s neighborhood, then down to the soccer fields where my little cousin Jake was playing at 8:00 a.m. I met up with Dad and Uncle Tim to watch him! Then Matt, Dad and I had to get on the road to head up north a little further to visit my Uncle Tom and Aunt Terry in Rockford {which is where my dad grew up!} We were able to spend a little over an hour with them and we got the grand tour of their new house!

Uncle Tom, Aunt Terry and me!

After we visited for a while, it was time to hit the road again because we had a little over 3 hours in the car to get to Green Bay! It was SO worth the drive 🙂 We got to Lambeau Field around 3:00 p.m. and spent some time at the Packers Hall of Fame.

The beautiful Lambeau Field! On the right you can see Matt and I in front of Vince Lombardi’s statue!

Top left: Amy doing the Lambeau Leap; Bottom left: Amy lined up with players from the Ice Bowl; Top Right: Amy and Matt cycling?; Bottom Right: Matt completing the Lambeau Leap!

Daddy by his favorite player’s “locker”

Matt with Jermichael Finley’s stuff!

Proof that there are other Packers fans in Texas!

After the Hall of Fame, we wandered around the Pro Shop and then found some interactive games where you could test your running and throwing skills! So much fun! We mostly took videos of this, but here are a few pictures!

Matt and I wearing leather helmets!

Dad and I are so gangster 🙂

Matt testing his arm…I wasn’t really out there during the game 🙂

After the fun and games, we went by Curly’s and a had a beer {no beer for Matt of course!} before we went on the stadium tour! The tour was AWESOME! We were able to see the suites, beneath the bleachers, the tunnel to enter the field and we actually got to go on the field itself! It was magical!

Photo opp with the Acme Packer!

Inside the suite

View of the stadium from the suite! So awesome!

The original stadium.

Medic cart…we saw Driver get taken off the field on this in the first half on Sunday! He turned out alright though 🙂

Panoramic of Lambeau!

Matt, Dad and I on the field!

I learned a lot of interesting facts on this tour! Did you know…

  • The only game called without whistles was the 1967 NFL Championship Game with the Packers vs. the Cowboys also known as the Ice Bowl? The refs couldn’t blow their whistles because it resembled licking a pole when it’s freezing outside!
  • They Packers had to rebuild City Stadium {the original Packers field pictured above} because expansion was impossible. They had a road on one side, a high school on another and a river on another!
  • The Packers are the only publicly owned professional team {I know that most football buffs already knew this!}
  • Lambeau Field is the only stadium left with all bleacher seats! Gotta love those 18 inches of space worth thousands of dollars a year!

Sunday was finally game dayyyy!!! We started off the morning with breakfast at the hotel and by 10:30 a.m. Paul Muraski, one of my dad’s childhood friends, was here and ready to tailgate! We met some pretty awesome people tailgating next to us as well. Here are some pictures of all the fun:

Playing catch!

Matt, Dad, Paul and ,me!

All my new friends!

Paul and Dad in the Tailgate Zone about to head into Lambeau

3 different Rodgers jerseys!



Go Pack Go!

Mid-strip! Packers get the ball!

Game over Packers win 49-27!!!

Dad and Paul before Paul had to take off!

We decided to stay in Green Bay another night because we heard that it would take us 2 hours just to get 20 minutes down the road from traffic. Since we needed to get to Chicago, that would have taken roughly 6 hours, maybe a little less. It seemed more reasonable to continue tailgating and get up early the next morning and drive to the airport, so that’s what we did. 5:30 a.m. came WAYYY too fast. We did get a chance to see the sunrise though!

Sun coming up from behind a tree!

It was an amazing weekend spend with 2 pretty fantastic guys. I can’t believe I was blessed enough to have this opportunity! Thanks for everything Daddy! You and Matt made this an unforgettable weekend I’ll cherish forever!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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