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My High Flying Life

My High Flying Life

As I am sitting in the Pittsburgh airport for the umteenth time this year, it’s safe to say that over the past 10 months, I have been on more planes than I had previously over my entire life!

Beautiful clouds outside of my window!

Getting close to Houston in August

I have spent countless hours at the airport pulling out my laptop and Bluetooth. I really never thought I would be one of those people, let alone at the age of 23/24! Sometimes I get funny looks from people, I’m pretty sure it’s because they think I couldn’t be older than 18. {Oh well, when I’m 40, I’ll look 35! Or at least I’m hoping that how this works :)} Needless to say, it has been a busy, fun, high flying year! Here are my flight stats to date:

– Fly to Pittsburgh {one way for the move}
– Fly to Houston for Aarmco Half Marathon
– Fly to Houston for work Sales Conference
– Fly to Orlando for Disney Princesses Half Marathon
– Fly to Houston for work
– Fly to Houston for Nikki’s shower and Emily’s ring ceremony
– Fly to Houston for Alison’s bachelorette party
– Fly to Chicago for cousin Nick’s wedding
– July to Houston for Alison and Philip’s wedding and CRUISE!
Fly to Las Vegas for Kate’s birthday
– Fly to Houston for work
– Fly to Chicago for Packers game!!!
– NO FLIGHTS {Unless you count the fact that I’m flying home from Chicago on October 3rd}
November (Planned)
– Fly to San Antonio for Rock ‘n Roll San Antonio Half Marathon
– Fly to Houston for Thanksgiving, house hunting and Travis and Hanna Jo’s wedding
December (Planned)
– Fly to Houston for Christmas

Whew, it wears me out just thinking about all of these flights. I’ve officially become an expert at packing, making it through the security check line and navigating airports everywhere! I will say, being a savvy flier really isn’t a bad thing. I’m even looking forward to my lunch time flight today! I’ll spend the afternoon working at Chicago Midway waiting for Daddy and Matt to get in about 4 hours after me! Can’t wait to see my dad and brother as well as the Sycamore, IL Timmer family! Then we’re headed up to Green Bay on Saturday and Packers game on Sunday! It’s going to be a busy and fun filled weekend. Recap to come on Monday!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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