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Tie Dye and Running

Tie Dye and Running

Clever title, I know. There really isn’t much correlation between tie dying and running except for the fact that I did both this past weekend thus, no witty title from me today. However, I do have a lot of fun stuff to tell you!

After JP and I got back from our breakfast and veggie expedition at the Strip, I had one mission and one mission only…tie dye. Yes, that is what I wanted to do and I was going to do it. Back in college, we had tie dye Tuesdays. At least we did in the Holler House which is where my roomies, Andrea and Ashlee, and I lived. I love to tie dye! Andrea and I are running in Philly in ONE MONTH!!! Naturally, we need something awesome and bright to run in. I’ve already worn bright blue, hot pink and a tutu, so this time around I needed something entirely different and totally awesome. Of course, tie dye was the first thing that came to mind! I wish more than anything that I could have had Andrea tie dying right there with me, but seeing as though there are roughly 700 miles and 11 driving hours between us, this was not reasonable. I did have a blast with my arts and crafts project though! Take a look:

This what the tanks Andrea and I will be wearing pre-Amy’s craft time!

Getting my materials ready!

Pretty colors!

My shirt post dye! Since my shoes have purple in them and the pants I want to wear have hot pink, I figured this shirt will be the perfect way to pull it all together. I love to match 🙂

In the process of making Anne’s!

Anne’s shirt post-dye!

Now, I would show you just how awesome they look now that they have been un-banded and washed, but I am currently working at Panera Bread and don’t have a picture of them on my phone! I’ll give you a glimpse this afternoon {if I remember :)}.

On to the running portion of this post! This past Sunday was mine and JP’s 10 miler!!! We were a bit nervous about the weather since it was supposed to rain on Sunday morning. It raining all night Saturday and into the early hours of Sunday morning, but someone was looking out for us and managed to stop the rain for a few hours in order for us to get our run in! Seriously, it was raining while we were in church at 10am after our run! We woke up at 6am to get ready, so that we could be out the door by 6:30am and on the trail no later than 7am. As always, we started out together for about the first few miles before I picked up my pace. Oddly, I felt like the last 5 miles were easier than the first 5! I even ran mile 7 at an 8 min/mile pace according to my trusty Garmin. I finished my entire run at a whopping 1:25:05. I ended up running an extra 1/10 of a mile. Since the race is 13.1 miles, I like to add on the last 0.1 just to remember that I have to kick it into high gear at the end to finish strong! I’m actually looking forward to the 12 miler JP and I have next weekend.

I’m super proud of JP for this run because once again he has surpassed his farthest distance with this run and will do it again next weekend! He has been doing a great job throughout his training. He finished his 10 miles in 1:26:55, only 2 minutes after me. He is on track to finish his half in under 2 hours and this is his first one! I couldn’t be more proud of him. I’m crossing my fingers that he ends up falling in love with half marathons after Philly. It’s nice to have someone to go on my long runs with even if we don’t actually run together. It’s nice knowing that someone is out there with you. Maybe we’ll eventually be at the same pace and we can run together! Well, nahhh….I don’t run well with others 🙂 Whether he wants to do another half again or not, it is quite the accomplishment to finish one.

Tonight JP and I are taking Maggie out for a special treat! A post will come tomorrow to tell everyone all about it! Just do us a favor and say a quick prayer that Maggie behaves 🙂 Anyone who knows her, knows how much she loves people and we just need her to stay calm{ish} because there will be A LOT of people around during her special treat tonight. Stay tuned! Until next time…

With love and God bless,
Amy, JP and Maggie

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