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Football and Fouettés

Football and Fouettés

Today is a very big day! A very athletic day to say the least. I started off my morning with a wonderful 45 minute run and I managed to pack 5.3 miles in! Since this Sunday is our 10 miler and I didn’t run in Vegas (I wonder why), I feel a lot better after breezing through this morning’s run. I’m also looking forward to my Body Works class this afternoon at the gym with Maria!

Now for the Football part of the post! Besides the fact that I’m being super active today, it’s also the first day of football! I know that it’s just preseason, but I’ve been wanting it to be football season for quite sometime now and not just because September is my birth month. Yes, I said birth month and yes, it is a month long celebration. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a die hard Green Bay Packers fan through and through. My father raised me right.

Born and raised a cheesehead. Dad’s from Northern Illinois for those of you wondering how my family turned into a bunch of Packer backers 🙂


Here I am in Pittsburgh enjoying the Packers beating the Steelers. I was brave enough to wear my Packers gear, but I started out with a Steelers shirt over top to get me into the restaurant/bar. After a beer, I was feeling pretty confident, so I slipped off the Steelers shirt. Thank goodness the Packers won!

Here’s a little video called So Fly Like a Cheesehead. It doesn’t matter if you like football, this will put a smile on your face!

The Fouetté part of the post is because tonight is the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance Season 8!!! Dance is one of the most beautiful ways to express oneself and I believe the contestants on this show do so magically! It makes me miss my dancing days so much.

I really love Melanie and hope that she wins! Can you tell? Tonight’s finale not only determines the winner, but the judges pick all of their favorite pieces from the season and they dancers perform. This has me all giddy for their tour! Maria and I are going to the show in Pittsburgh on October 6th and I can’t wait!!!

That’s really about it for now. I hope you are able to find some way to make today fun and active! Any fun/new workout plans for this afternoon? I’m always up for trying new ways to stay fit!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,
Amy, JP and Maggie

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