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A Walk Along the Montour Trail

A Walk Along the Montour Trail

I know a lot of people are wanting to see some more pictures of my crazy little pup, Miss Maggie, so I took a bunch on a gorgeous day at the Montour Trail. I had gone for a run that morning and according to our training, JP needed to get a 3-miler in. I didn’t feel like sitting at the house, so I suited Maggie up in her “vest” which is really just a harness, but vest sounds nicer, and we were on our way to the trail.

I love my trail 🙂


Maggie says, “Hi Mom!”


There goes JP!


She wanted to chase her daddy so bad, but mean old mom wouldn’t let her.


Taking a break


I can get her to do anything for a treat!


Happy girl!




Oh look, dad’s coming back!


We had to sprint to follow dad because walking wasn’t enough…this made for a tired pup!


Sorry JP!


Sweaty Family Picture!

I must say, summers up here are absolutely amazing. I’m not sure how long this will last, but I am loving the weather and now the tides have turned all you Texas folk! I’m enjoying the temps and you aren’t 🙂 Just because I said that, I’m pretty sure something crazy will happen now to make me miserable. We shall see. JP and I are really enjoying ourselves up here and if you couldn’t tell, we’re really taking advantage of exploring this area! I thought that your first year of marriage was the year for firsts, but we’re extending that to our second year as well! We miss living in Texas and being so close to our loved ones, but this has been a growing and learning experience for us. Though not everything has been easy and I haven’t always been happy, it’s been a great 2011 and I can’t believe we’ve already lived in Pittsburgh for 6 months!

Mommy and Daddy Gougler are going to be here tomorrow and I have a lot of work to do! Literally work work, not like fun work like cleaning the house or cooking. I have a packed work schedule these next two days, so hopefully time will fly so we can have a fun weekend with the ‘rents! Until next time…

With love and God bless,
Amy, JP and Maggie

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