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Create the Perfect at Home Spa Date Night Bag

Create the Perfect at Home Spa Date Night Bag

Just because we’re stuck at home and there’s no chance of getting a babysitter or going out doesn’t mean we can’t still have date night! So take a look at this awesome at home spa date night bag. Tonight, put the kids to bed a little early, and spend some time together!

Back in February, my MOPS group created some date night bags and boxes. There were 4 different teams that came up with 4 completely different ideas. This project had me thinking just how important it is to have date nights at home! Especially now given the restrictions due to COVID 19.

It’s hard to come up with ideas on your own sometimes, so I thought I’d share this creative and intimate at home spa date night.

It's not always easy to get out for a date night, but what if you can go on a date at home? This this fun date night box, you can bring the spa to your home. Get some ideas for items to have for your date and thought provoking questions to ask your partner! #homedatenight #datenightbox #homespa #homespaideas #spadatenightathome #diyspadate #spadatebox

My spa date night bag contains some items that you can grab from your bathroom and kitchen. If you don’t have everything on the list, that’s okay! You can make do with what you have or you can snag them from the links that I’ll share with you.

Home Spa Date Night Bag

Write a little love note for your partner.

Write a little love note for your partner to start off your at home spa date night!

If you plan to give your partner this date night bag as a gift, start off by writing a little love note! Sometimes it’s easier to write out your intimate thoughts, feelings or desires then it is to say them. Let your partner know how you feel. Share your love for them and let them know where you intend for the night to go…

Include a list of instructions.

With your love note, provide a list of instructions to set the mood and to act as a guide through the date. You can sign up here to get a set of instructions, a checklist to fill your bag, a set of intimate questions and a page to write your love note on!

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Take a look at everything you need to create a spa atmosphere for your significant other AT HOME! If you can't get a babysitter or you can't get out of the house, bring the spa to you! #valentinesdate #homedatenight #athomespadate #athomevalentinesday

Items to include in your bag.

A candle or multiple candles

This can be any candle around your home or if you’re looking to really set the mood with flameless candles or if you need some spa like scents, check out some of these date night candles you can snag from Amazon.

Champagne (or drink of choice)

Champagne flutes or wine glasses

Use what you have or get some new ones! I recommend plastic or silicone since you’ll potentially be getting the tub.

Chocolates, strawberries, cheese, etc.

Just a little something that pairs nice with your drink of choice. You can snack on them while settling into conversation.

Face Masks

Skip the face masks we’re wearing to the store, and swap it for a relaxing sheet, mud or clay mask! If you have some on hand at home, use them or take a look at a few of my favorites below!

If a sheet mask is what you’re looking for, I love the Celavi Collagen set. You get 12 masks for under dollar each! If you prefer a clay or mud past, Generation Clay is my personal favorite brand! The tube may cost a bit more, but it lasts forever!

Massage Oil

Any type of massage oil will do. Find something with scents that are relaxing and appeal to you. Better yet, go the CBD route if it’s something you like to incorporate into your healthcare routine.

Set of Intimate Questions

You’ll need some questions to spark conversation and get deeper than you typically do. You can come up with your own, check out some of the websites I’ve listed below or gain access to my full spa date night package with questions included!

Bath salts, bombs or bubbles

Take your pick! It’s your spa, so use exactly what you want. I personally love everything I’ve tried from Dr. Teals. You can snag some from Amazon or even at your local grocery store.

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Put it all together.

I put my spa date night in a plain brown paper gift bag that I happen to already have on hand! Honestly, any bag or even a box will do. If you choose a box, you can wrap it up in paper and make it a gift!

To make your bag or box completely put together, grab my free printables! Here’s what’s included:

  • Bag or box label
  • Date night instructions
  • Item Checklist
  • Date night questions
  • Love note page with header
Get everything you need to create your own at home spa date night! #dateinabox #athomedate #datenight

Have an at home spa date night!

Put it all together and you’ve got yourself a fun, romantic date night at home. It may all seem a bit cheesy at first, but once you get into it, you’ll both really be able to open up. It’s so important to take the time to talk to each other, work on communication and dive deeper into conversation.

And seriously, make it a little easier on yourself by grabbing my free printables! (Plus you then have access to my entire freebie library!)

Take a night to reinvigorate your relationship. You deserve it!

Check out everything you need to put together your own at home spa date night! With my free printables, you'll have access to a checklist, relationship questions and more to make sure you date night goes as smooth as possible. #athomedatenight #datenightbox #spadatenight #homespadate #homespaideas

What are you favorite types of at home dates?

Have you ever done a home date night box before?

I’d love to hear what you did and your thoughts on it!

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  1. This sounds really fun! We are long overdue for a date night. I’ll have to check out the printable.

    1. We are too! Quarantine has put a damper on date night but this was fun!

  2. This sounds lovely! I need to do this!

  3. Awww. This is such a wonderful and relaxing way to spend time together as a couple right at home!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. It was nice to step out of our comfort zone at home and do something fun and meaningful. Diving deeper with the questions really sparked conversation for us!

  4. I love these ideas! We’ve been in such a slump lately and I definitely need some new ideas. Our anniversay is coming up in May and I doubt we will get to go anywhere so these are actually so perfect. I’m gonna start putting this together now and surprise him for our anni!

    1. That would be so perfect! We were definitely in a slump between our two kiddos and this time of quarantine! It brought a little life back into our relationship!

  5. Saving this for later when we have a baby sitter!!

    1. The best part is that you can do it at home when the kids are in bed!

  6. Candice says:

    What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I could really use a spa night these days! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh this is lovely. I would love a date night like this.

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