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How We’re Preparing for a Great Year at Preschool

How We’re Preparing for a Great Year at Preschool

It’s crazy to think that back to school is right around the corner! Summer always seems to go by so fast and so slow at the same time. Whether it’s your baby’s first or last year at preschool, there is still prep work that can be done leading up to the big first day. If you want to find additional ways to make sure your tot is ready for preschool, here’s how we’re preparing for a great year at preschool!

Preschool Prep Activity Sheets

Preschool printables are a great way to practice some skills that your little one has learned in past years as well as other skills that they’ll hone in on in preschool or pre-k this year.

Here are a few of my favorite preschool printable worksheets. Check out the blogs they come from because they can also be a wealth of information!

Learning to Write Preschool Worksheet Bundle

This learning to write bundle focuses on tracing letters, penmanship, and learning to associate words with their image. This free bundle includes 6 different worksheets for your preschooler to learn! We love them!

Glue Practice: Mrs. Jones’ Creation Station

She also has practice sheets for coloring with crayons, cutting, and more that you can get to from the link above.

Dotting, Tracing, Cutting: Keeper of the Memories

I couldn’t choose just one from her free preschool collection, so here are a few that I really enjoyed for Chloe! Click the link or photo to see some other great options!

Tracing, Coloring: Tot Schooling

I love that this preschool printable is back-to-school-themed to get your little one excited about school! Plus there are 4 different activities in just this pdf.

These are just a few, you can find so many more on Pinterest to meet your toddler’s specific needs!

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Back to School Shopping

Everything you need to get for a great year at preschool! Check out this shopping list as well as ways to prepare your child for the school year ahead! #preschoolbound #preschoolshoppinglist #backtopreschool #preschool

School Supplies & Necessities

Preparing for preschool requires some back-to-school shopping. I personally think that back-to-school shopping is fun for everyone. That means preschoolers too! Here is what I have on our back to school shopping list:

This back-to-school supply bundle can be purchased for less than $25 and delivered straight to your home if you’re not interested in heading out searching for supplies this year!

I also like to grab a couple activity books before school starts. Something that is super fun, but she can learn along the way. Last year I found a couple tracing letter books with other phonics activities at Dollar Tree. Cheap, educational, and fun! I also love the wipe-clean books for back to preschool that you can find online here!

Back to School Outfits

I have to admit that back-to-school clothing shopping has always been a favorite of mine! Preparing for preschool means that you need some cute new clothes too. Especially if you have a sassy girl like me! My favorite thing to do is find the perfect first day of school outfit and have Chloe also wear it on the last day of school. It really shows just how much she’s grown!

You can find TONS of adorable and affordable back-to-school-themed dresses on Amazon. The yellow school bus dress above is so sweet! I also found some tunic and shorts/pants sets! The best part is that they’re less than $25.

Don’t forget that you can also peruse Etsy for some amazing custom pieces if you like to go the personalized route. This is what I bought for Chloe from one of my favorite Etsy shops, Sew Personalized by Jen!

Preparing for Preschool

What it all boils down to is this, you can prepare your little one for preschool by:

  • hyping up the back to school excitement.
  • doing more school focused activity sheets.
  • focusing on skills we haven’t used much this summer like gluing and cutting.
  • letting Chloe choose her new backpack and lunch box.
  • shopping for brand new supplies.
  • finding back to school outfits that we both love.
  • talking about how great going back to school will be.
After three years of preparing for preschool each summer, we've found some awesome ways to prepare out children for the start of the new school year. From practice worksheets, to picking out new clothes and backpacks, your little one will be ready to take on the new school year this fall! #backtoschool #preparingforpreschool #preschoolprep #backtopreschool

The first and last ones are super important. Don’t forget to talk about preschool with your toddler! It’s important whether it’s their first year or third year. After months of summer, they kind of forget what it’s like, so make sure you bring it up. Remind them of the different things they’ll get to do, the friends they’ll make and the fun they’ll have! The more excited you are, the more excited they get, and hopefully the easier the transition will be when the day comes.

What are you doing to prepare for preschool?

Anything we’ve missed?

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  1. You’ve thought of everything! My youngest is doing preschool this year, it’s hard to believe its already time to start organizing everything!

    1. I know right? I’m a huge planner so I like to start getting things ready early on. My son will be starting his first Mother’s Day Out program this year and I’m so excited for him!

  2. Amy, this back to school bundle is fantastic! I think it’s a steal for just $25! So many great activities for the little ones. It’s given me a few ideas to try with my little guy (he’s going to be 3 soon and getting super interested in numbers and letters) It’s never too early to get a jump start.

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