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Recent Podcasts I’m Listening To

Recent Podcasts I’m Listening To

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m podcast obsessed. I listen to them any chance I get; in the car, swiffering the floor, on my runs, while I’m doing my hair. If I’m doing a mindless activity, then I’m listening to a podcast! Over the past couple of years, I’ve found so many podcast that I really love. After having several people reach out to me about podcasts when I posted Life Lately summer edition, I knew I needed to share the recent podcasts I’m listening to!

I’ll admit, the majority of the time, I’m listening to true crime podcasts, so you’ll see a lot of those. If I’m not listening to true crime (it’s so fascinating), I’m probably listening to a funny political podcast, women’s birth stories or something else from Wondery.

I’ve rated the podcasts based on my own personal opinion along with a short description. Since these are the podcasts I’ve really enjoyed, most of the have between B- to A+. Here are the most recent podcasts that I’m listening to or have finished this past year!

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Podcasts I’m listening to lately…

True Crime

Root of Evil

(A+) This podcast is pretty dark. It explores the story of the Black Dahlia murder and is narrated by the great granddaughters of the supposed killer, George Hodel. There are definitely disturbing topics discussed, but the whole story is incredibly fascinating. I recommend it if you have tough skin!

In the Dark

(Season 1 [B+], Season 2 [A])

  • Season 1 is about the kidnapping and murder of Jacob Wetterling
  • The second season is about the case of Curtis Flowers who has been tried for the SAME CRIME 6 separate times. 21 years later he still maintains his innocence and wins appeal after appeal, but the prosecutor just keeps trying the case again.

Someone Knows Something

(B+) (Seasons 1, 2, 4, 5): Each Season is different, but host David Ridgen explores different cold cases from Canada. The whole premise is that someone knows something and if that one person would come forward, cold cases could be solved.

The Teacher’s Pet

(A) Lyn Dawson was a wife to a former professional rugby footballer and mom of two young girls that suddenly went missing in 1982. Her husband claims to have dropped her off to go shopping one morning and she never returned. Not only is he the last person to see her alive, but also the last person to have supposed contact with her. Lots of dirty details and secrets are uncovered in this possible murder!

To Live and Die in LA

(A+) This podcast had me hanging on the edge of my seat. I was always excited to see what happens next. It explores the disappearance of aspiring actress Adea Shabani, and the facts and details that are discovered will have you itching to listen more!


(Season 1 – A+) Another excellent podcast from the CBC! Season 1 was by far my favorite, but Season 2 & 3 are still worth listening to. Season 1 is about a young woman, Sarah Edmonson who was deeply involved in the organization NXIVM. It started as the best thing that ever happened to her as she lived their philosophies and succeeded in life until she realized she was truly in a cult. Season 1 is all about this discovery, the dirty details of NXIVM and it’s current downfall!

Up and Vanished

(Season 1 [A+] is better than 2 [B-])

  • Season 1 is about the disappearance of former beauty queen and high school teacher, Tara Grinstead. This 11 year old case has one of the largest case files in GA history and is still left unsolved. Listen in and follow along on the edge of your seat, who knows what digging a little deeper will uncover!
  • Season 2 is about the disappearance of a young mother, Kristal Reisinger, from a remote mountain town in Colorado.


The Birth Hour

(A+) If you’re an expecting mom or just love listening to other women’s birth stories, then this podcast is for you! Each week a new woman come on the show to tell her birth story or stories. You hear everything from unmedicated home births to normal hospital births with epidurals to emergency c-sections! It’s incredibly inspiring and empowering!

Birth Fit

(B+) Real life talk about all things birth, pregnancy, postpartum and fitness from real couples, doctors, midwives, doulas and more! I started listening to this podcast during my last pregnancy and just keep listening. Another great one for pregnant and new mommas!


My Dad Wrote a Porno

(A) It sounds like a dirty title and well, it kind of is, but this podcast is hilarious! It really is about a guy (Jamie) whose dad wrote a porno. Let me tell you this, it isn’t sexy, it’s funny. Jamie and his two friends Alice and James go through his dad’s porno and read it chapter by chapter inserting their wit along the way. Each season is a new book because dad didn’t just write one…it’s a series! I promise you’ll be laughing for this one.

Betches Sup

These girls give you the low down on this crazy world we live in. It keeps you in the know and up to date with the latest new and politics. Yes, I realize I placed this podcast under comedy because they are FUNNY! It’s like getting a weekly rundown from your funny friend at brunch y’all!


The Shrink Next Door

(B-) This podcast is the story of one therapist’s psychological manipulation as he crossed lines and defrauded his patients. And guess what? He’s still out there and practicing. Hear the story from some of his former patients to get an insight on how he really got into their heads, lives and wills.

Dr. Death

(A) This podcasts chronicles the studies and career of Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a neurosurgeon from Dallas. He claimed he was the best and could fix any problems even if you had tried everything else. But soon his patients started to experience complications and they had nothing to protect them against the madness! I loved hearing this story unfold. It really makes you think about the medical system and how political things can get.

Podcasts I’m Currently Listening To



Both of these are true crime podcasts and I’ll be sure to update you when I finish them.

I’ve definitely listened to many podcasts other than these, but the ones I’ve listed have been my favorites over the past several months. If you have any questions or want recommendations, leave a comment or send an e-mail.

Now I need to know, what is YOUR favorite podcast that I need to listen to? Drop a comment so I can add it to my list!

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