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10 things to expect when you visit Candytopia

10 things to expect when you visit Candytopia

Has anyone seen the ads for Candytopia coming to your city or already established in a city near you? I took my kids with a friend the other week and thought it would be fun to share what to expect when you visit Candytopia! We had a blast and it’s definitely a family friendly, fun exhibit. It’s also great for older kids, teens and adults. I mean, the Instagramable possibilities are endless!

What is Candytopia?

Candytopia is a 4 month long, sugary sweet interactive exhibit currently showing in Atlanta, Dallas and Houston, and it’s all about candy! There are 8 different rooms to explore with different activities and themes in each room. Think about winning a golden ticket to visit Willy Wonka’s candy factory and that’s kind of what you can expect when visiting Candytopia!

What to expect at Candytopia

1. You will need to choose a time slot when purchasing your ticket.

You’ll notice when you purchase your tickets that it has a time! Yes, you have a specific time slot for your ticket and be glad that you do. I recommend showing up 15 minutes before your time slot. You can snap a few pictures around the entrance before getting in line. There are a certain amount of tickets per time slot, so it isn’t too crowded while you’re exploring the exhibits.

Once you arrive, you’ll wait in a short queue until it’s your group’s time to enter. We had some employees out there asking fun trivia questions and handing out candy to pass the time!

2. It seems like a tour when you first enter. Don’t worry you’ll be free to roam.

Once it’s time to enter, you’ll be guided into the first room where you get your first treat and a few employees will give you the rules and guidelines for your adventure through Candytopia. They’ll keep you in there for a few minutes until they’re notified to send you on. Don’t worry, not every room is timed like this! In fact, most aren’t and you’re free to explore each room at your own pace.

3. Bring a gallon sized baggie or large purse to put all your goodies in.

In each room, there is a chest filled with candy! It’s a different type of candy for each room that you explore, so be sure to grab some. It’s not a “take only one” type deal, so grab more if it’s your favorite! I recommend having a large baggie or tote style purse with room for your goodies. We didn’t know this ahead of time, but luckily had diaper bags. In fact, I had a quart size baggie in my bag which was perfect for putting all of Chloe’s treats in.

4. Check out the stats on each candy creation.

Every work of art has a little Candy Facts sheet with fun facts including how many pieces of candy were used to create it and how many grams of sugar are in the whole creation! It was so fascinating!

Side Note: I really recommend taking your time to look around in the Art Gallery Room. Some people breezed through this room, but it’s so cool! I mean, do you see that sphinx plus the Mona Lisa in the background?

5. Download the Candytopia app for photos and other fun.

I had no clue there was an app, but was able to download it upon arrival. In the app you can use the QR codes to create interactive pictures with the art sculptures and other fun photo opps throughout! You can get your picture in a chocolate river, on a spinning Candytopia wheel (see above), sliding into a colorful vortex and more!

6. Take your time in each room. Once you go to the next room, you can’t go back.

Soak up everything, grab lots of candy and take all the pictures for every room that your in. You can spend as much time as you want in each room (except the marshmallow pit), but once you leave the room, you have to keep moving forward. No going back!

The first untimed room had swings, picture opps, smell and sound stations and more. We definitely took our time and were some of the last people to leave and move on. It helped us manage crowds with two babies and two toddlers! Plus the girls loved the swings.

7. Bring a water bottle with you.

They sell water bottles for $2 each about half way through when you’ve had several pieces of candy and you notice that your quite thirsty! I recommend just bringing one along in your bag.

8. Ask employees to take photos for you.

They don’t mind and were super sweet. In fact, I’m pretty sure they’ve got their camera fingers ready and are expecting people to ask! There are so many photo ops that you must ask, especially if you want one of your whole group.

9. Have a blast in the marshmallow pit! But beware of the loud sounds at the end.

After the first two rooms, the marshmallow pit is the only other timed room during your Candytopia experience. Our girls had so much fun in the marshmallow pit! They spent most of the time climbing out and jumping in, but there are places to take fun Instagram shots. You can pose up against one of the fun walls or get a picture with marshmallows falling all around you. (P.S. The marshmallows are made out of foam!)

There is also a planned marshmallow fight about halfway through your time in the pit! One thing to be aware of it you do have small children is the really loud alarm that goes off to note that your time in the marshmallow pit is over. The employees were really nice and warned us so we could get the girls and the babies out of the room before it happened!

10. Like all good attractions, it ends in a gift shop.

Just a fair warning, it ends in a gift shop! After getting to take candy for free from all the other rooms, make sure your little ones know they can’t just grab this candy and go! There are lots of sweet gifts and unique candies if you’re interested though. My friend got a super cool gummy sushi bento box!

I hope this helps you know what to bring and what to expect when you visit Candytopia! The most important thing is to go into it excited and ready to have fun. Also to expect you and your kids to have a serious sugar rush! It’s a one time deal, so totally worth it! I would say Candytopia is definitely worth adding to your Summer Bucket List.

Now that you know what to expect when visiting Candytopia, will you visit if it comes to a city near you?

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