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Us Time in Mexico

Us Time in Mexico

A month ago, JP and I took some much needed time away from our kids to focus on us. Us time in Mexico! We needed to spend time together, rest, relax, explore and just be kid free. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children and I love traveling with them, but an adult trip is just what the doctor ordered.

The last time JP and I traveled without our kids was when Chloe was 10 months old (3 years ago!), and we went to San Francisco and Sonoma. That was an awesome and busy trip! We love adventure trips where we walk a ton, city hop and explore, but this time we truly needed to take a step back and relax. Us time in Mexico was the perfect chance to reconnect and unwind. We needed to spend time with each other, read books by the pool, float around, mosey on over to dinner and have drinks delivered to us. It was amazing and now I’m wondering when our next beach vacation will be!

Now Sapphire Riviera Maya

Let me tell you little bit about our resort. We stayed at the Now Sapphire in Riviera Maya. (I actually went to this resort for my friend Jaci’s wedding in October 2017 with my girlfriend, so JP hadn’t been before. We both really enjoyed the resort during her wedding, so I decided to give it a go again!) It’s all inclusive so we had all food and drinks included when booking our room. Pretty magical y’all!


All of the rooms available are suites with either a king size bed or two queens, a couch & coffee table, desk, mini fridge as well as a side table with two chairs. Every room also has a balcony with lounge chairs. The rooms are incredibly spacious and can sleep up to 4 people with a max of 3 adults. If you book as part of the preferred club, you get rooms in the preferred locations as well access to a preferred club lounge and adults only pool. We didn’t upgrade to preferred and had a great time and didn’t feel skimped on any amenities including room size!

On many vacations, we’re barely in our room, but this time we spent more time there because I was pumping. It was nice to escape the heat to pump and I was able to set all of my stuff up on the couch and coffee table without having to constantly move it around and put it away. What I’m trying to say is that the rooms are great! We were able to unpack for the week and settle in as our home away from home. Many guests that we spoke to were at the resort for as long as two weeks, and they had nothing but great things to say about the rooms and amenities at this resort!

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There are two pools: the main pool (pictured above) and the adults only pool. Unfortunately the adults only one is for preferred club guests only, but again, it didn’t affect our good time at all! We spent so much time by the main pool. We would set our towels out after breakfast and our chairs became our meeting point if we ever did something a little different. The pool was never too crowded, we always found a chair, the bartenders always made us drinks without a long wait and this is where are the fun was happening anyways. Plus the kids didn’t bother us one bit! The main pool is huge with a large pool bar, a couple of coves with jacuzzi jets, water lounge chairs and a few floats. Pro tip: Bring your own float! I highly recommend packing a fun float to use in the water. They’re nice to lounge on or lean on while talking or having a drink.


Unfortunately, we didn’t get to spend as much time at the beach as we wanted. It’s a BAD seaweed season this year, so there was quite a bit on the beach as you can see in my picture above. We didn’t let it stop us from spending time on the beach though. Every morning, we would get coffee from the coffee shop, then walk up and down our resorts’ portion of the beach. We usually stuck to the beach in front of our resort because they did the best job at keeping the beach as seaweed free as possible! In case you’re wondering, seaweed is more prevalent in Riviera Maya from May to the end of September. We had no clue! On top of that, apparently this year’s seaweed is worse than most. We didn’t let it stop us from enjoying our time though.


The resort has several restaurants that were almost all reservation free. The only reservation needed was at the hibachi grill since there was limited seating. Every other restaurant had a short to no wait. Our favorite by far was the French restaurant which is the only adult only and formal dining restaurant. We actually dined there twice! Everything we tried was delicious, but the chocolate coulant cake (lava cake) was the BEST! I literally dreamt about it after the first night and we decided we had to go back on our final night there.

The hibachi grill was so much fun just like any hibachi restaurant you would visit at home. There were jokes, big fires, flying food and lots of fun. The food was delicious and you got a bit of everything: salad, fried rice, veggies, chicken, beef and shrimp!

We enjoyed every single restaurant at Now Sapphire! Here’s a list of all the options in case you’re curious.
The Market Cafe (main buffet)
Coco Cafe (24 snacks and coffee bar)
The Market Cafe
Barefoot Grill (poolside dining)
Bluewater Grill
The Market Cafe
Bluewater Grill
Cibu (Mediterranean)
Fresco (Mexican)
Lemongrass (Asian & Hibachi Grill)
Paramour (French, adults only)


There were so many fun activities available at the resort throughout the day. If you are looking for something family friendly, there were tons of options for kids and teens! If you’re going and don’t want to do anything, that’s fine too. We love to participate in the various activities offered and took full advantage of the fun. Some of the things I did were zumba by the pool and water aerobics. JP played water polo and volleyball! Together we did some of the poolside trivia games, giant chess and a bike ride to Puerto Morelos. The bike ride was a few miles to the local port town where we had 30 minutes to explore, shop and take pictures! We also did an excursion through a third party to see some of the Cenotes. That trip is going to be a post in itself just because it was such a great experience with so many pictures!


Our overall experience at Now Sapphire was wonderful. The staff was so friendly and helpful. The activities were super fun. We were able to jump in and participate when we wanted to, but we were also able to step back and relax when we weren’t feeling it. The food was delicious with lots of options and the drinks were definitely flowing with all the different bars throughout the resort. I’m glad that I chose to come back and bring my main squeeze for a little bit of us time without the kids in Mexico. It made us better, more patient and caring parents when we came back feeling recharged. Our glasses were full again, ready to pour into our family and loved ones! If you’re thinking about going to Cancun, I highly recommend this resort. Feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions!

Here are just a few more pictures from our stay!

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