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What’s in a Name: James Brody
James Brody

What’s in a Name: James Brody

Years ago I wrote a post about the reason I chose the name for this blog and that spiraled into the meaning of Chloe’s name and how we chose it. I thought it would be fun to do the same thing for our Brody boy! {Take a look at Chloe’s name post if you’re interested!}

First let’s look at the origin of his name.


From Baby Name Wizard: From the Ecclesiastic Late Latin Iacomus, an evolution of Iacobus, a cognate of the Hebrew Yaakov. The name has its root in ya`aqob (supplanting, seizing by the heel). Some say Iacomus arises from an error in the transcription of manuscripts from the Greek to the Latin by an early monk. Short: Jim. Pet: Jamie, Jimmy.

Meaning: Of Hebrew origin, meaning “He who Supplants”.


From Baby Name Wizard: Transferred use of the surname meaning “from Brodie.” Brodie is a place-name believed to be derived from the Gaelic broth (a ditch). Var: Brody.

Meaning: Of Scottish origin, meaning “Second son; Ditch”. 

Second son seems quite fitting because he is our second child and a son. Of course he’s technically our first son, but we’ll just look right over that. Now for the fun part. The story behind how we chose James Brody Gougler to be our son’s name.

I have loved the name Brody for a very long time. In fact, I told JP when we were in college that I was going to name our son Brody. {Yes, I was that obnoxious girl who assumed JP and I were going to get married even though we started dating when I was 19. But hey, it happened!} For some reason the name spoke to me. In fact, I wanted to name my future son Brody James, but that changed for several reasons.

  1. My mom reminded me that my Aunt Ginny {one of my mom’s childhood best friends} named her dog Brody James. Yes, that exact name. What are the odds? Did I really want to name my son after a dog?
  2. A good friend of mine mentioned that his initials would be BJ. Need I say more?

There are other more positive reasons that we decided to switch the order of the names to James Brody.

  1. My husband, Dad and JP’s grandfather are all named James and none of them go by James. Husband: JP; Dad: Jim; Grandfather: JB
  2. JB are the initials for JP’s deceased maternal grandfather and the only grandparent of JP’s that I never met because he passed when we had been dating for less than a year. By switching the order of his names to James Brody they have the same first name and same initials.

James is obviously an important name in our families. Not only is my dad’s name James, but my brother’s middle name is James. JP has a grandfather, uncle and cousin named James. Again, none of them go by James. 

It only seemed fitting to stick with the trend. James would be our son’s first name after many men that we love and admire, and Brody would be his middle name but the name he goes by. Of course he’s always welcome to choose the name James in the future if that’s what he prefers, but this momma will always call him Brody!

There you have it! Our sweet boy James Brody Gougler.

Again, if you’re interested in finding out the meaning behind Chloe’s name, take a peek here!

What are your kids names?

Is there a special meaning behind it? Or did you just like it? {Spoiler: I just loved Chloe’s name. No special meaning!}

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