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James Brody: Two Months Old
James Brody

James Brody: Two Months Old

Another month has flown by with this sweet boy! I did monthly updates with Chloe and I want to make sure I do them for Brody as well for a couple of reasons. First of all, I want to look back and have a way to remember everything about his first year of life! It’s such a blur some days, so this is a way for me to look back and remember the joy that he brings to our lives. I also don’t want to shift into second child syndrome and not document and take the time to remember the little things. {Totally not a jab at moms who don’t do everything for the second baby! I’m guilty too. I just don’t want to for this aspect!

That being said, let’s look back on Brody’s second month of life!

First real smile

First you get the gas or sleepy grins, then you get the full on smiles that completely melt your heart. I live for these y’all! Seeing him smile makes me so happy. I also love to hear Chloe ask, “Why is he smiling at me?” Then I tell her it’s because he loves her, and she tells me how much she loves him too.

First snuggle in the ring sling

Those that know me know how much I love wearing my babies. I didn’t have a ring sling with Chloe and I’m now a big believer in them! It’s so easy to get baby in and out once you figure out how to work the contraption. It’s also very easy to breastfeed in!

Fun fact: Moby will video chat with you to help you figure out how to configure and wear your baby safely. After posting on Instagram that I figured it out, Moby sent me a message to let me know about the video chat feature. I thought that was really neat and awesome customer service!

First birthday celebration

I’m a lucky momma because the first birthday he got to celebrate was mine! What are the odds since there are so many people in our family? It was pretty low key with our family, but it involved fajitas and ice cream cake. Winning.

First time to meet Uncle Ben

My brother lives in Dallas and hadn’t had the opportunity to make it down to meet Brody. We actually didn’t think he’d be here until Thanksgiving, but a Houston interview brought him down here and he decided to stay for the weekend! I’m so thankful that he was able to come and bond with his first nephew. We love you Benny!

First cold

Yes you read that right. At only 5 weeks old, my precious baby caught his first cold. I felt like a horrible mom since my newborn got sick! Our doctor was wonderful and let me know that it is normal with second + children because the older kids are bringing more germs into the house. After Brody had it, Chloe caught it and finally it made it’s way to me. I’m happy to report that we’re all healthy now.

First pool day

Up until recently it was too hot, too rainy or too buggy for us to be outside for long periods of time. After the first cool front that rolled in early October, we were able to spend more time outside. We even managed to get a sunny, warm day that wasn’t too hot or too humid, so the whole family was outside for a fun pool day and BBQ. Brody dipped his feet in the water and he wasn’t too sure about it. I think he’ll love it by next summer!

First time to roll over {belly to back}

Our little guy loves to roll over. Tummy time is a joke these days since he only does it when he wants to. At just 5 weeks old, he rolled over for the first time! I was shocked since he kept doing it over and over again. I wasn’t sure if it was a fluke at first. Then he started doing it every time I put him down on his play mat for tummy time! Silly boy.

Brody loves…

  • his big sister. She makes him smile every day!
  • morning coffee convos with mom. After his morning milk, he loves to lay on the couch so he can kick and smile and try to talk to me. It’s quite possibly my favorite time of the day.
  • bath time. He loves it! It’s very soothing for him…until he has to get out!
  • breastfeeding. Another boobie baby, what can I say? I’m glad that my children have breastfed so well!
  • pacing around the house with dad. This usually happens in the evenings when nothing else soothes him. It doesn’t happen every night, but on fussy nights, it’s his daddy that makes him feel the best.
  • staring at mobiles, fans and blinds. Still a fan fave.
  • sleeping through the night. Thank you Jesus! We’ve gone a full week and a half with him sleeping from about 10pm to 5 or 6am. It’s life changing.
  • going to girls’ nights with mom. He has been in regular attendance to my dinners out with lady friends. I think he likes being the only guy there. Everyone gives him all the love and attention!

Brody dislikes…

  • diaper changes.
  • getting dressed or changing cloths.
  • drying off after bath time.
  • waiting to eat when he’s decided that he’s hungry right now.

Pretty much the same as last month. He’s such an easy going baby. He rarely cries or screams.

At his 2 month pediatrician appointment we found out that he is 12lbs 13oz and 24 inches long. Much bigger than Chloe at this age!

My sweet Brody Boy,

Another month with you in the books and it feels like you were meant for us more and more. God truly knows what he’s doing when he creates life and adds to a family! You are exactly what we needed and felt like we were missing.

You are the best baby I could have asked for. You love to cuddle your momma during the day and sleep at night! For the most part, you are incredibly chill and laid back like your daddy. This is pretty great since you’re the second child, so you’re constantly being toted around to big sisters activities. We spend quite a bit of time in the car and you don’t care 95% of the time. It makes me feel a lot better about all of the business of our lives! Thank goodness for carriers and babywearing or you would spend a lot of time in your car seat. We love to be close, so wearing you is the best when we’re out and about.

Having a son is a dream come true. A dream I didn’t even know that I was dreaming until you were born. The bond we share is so deep and beautiful that I can’t explain it. I love you and your sister equally, but differently. As I watch you grow, learn and become more aware, my love for you grows greater. It’s cheesy, but I really do love you more every day. I thank God every day for giving you to your daddy and me. You belong here sweet boy. I can’t wait to see what adventures and first this next month gives us. No matter what, I know it will be great!

I love you without wax,


Just for fun, look at the difference a month makes!

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