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James Brody: Four Months Old
James Brody

James Brody: Four Months Old

Well it’s clear that I’m a second time mom because I’m just now getting around to Brody’s four month update and he turned 4 months on December 27th. Yes, 11 days ago. Such is life. It was smack dab in the middle of the holidays and I don’t blog a lot from mid-December to mid-January. Sorry little brother! We still love you so big!

Month 4 Firsts:

(Beware there are a lot and mostly Christmas related!)

First Christmas Season

This includes lots of Christmas outfits and pictures in front of trees, lights and other decor!

First Visit with Santa

Brody got to meet Santa when he came to visit our neighborhood for Donuts with Santa! Brody was a bit more fascinated with the light coming through the blinds than Santa himself. But he didn’t cry, so that’s a win in my book! Meanwhile, big sister was NOT a fan of Santa, but loved the donuts!

First Christmas Party

Brody got to go to his first Christmas party and didn’t sleep a wink! This little boy has some serious FOMO and isn’t into napping or going to bed when fun things are happening. I can’t say I blame him. Here is the only picture of Brody from the party with his sister and Aunt Emmy!

First Flight

Brody killed it on his first flight and barely made a peep! (Brag moment: His big sister was really awesome too. I felt like a rockstar mom!) People around us said they forgot there was a baby in our row because they never heard him. Tip for breastfeeding moms flying with little babies: Wear a shirt with easy boob access and just give it to them whenever they want throughout the flight. I pretty much let Brody sleep on the boob and he was a happy camper. Same goes for bottles mommas! That sucking motion really helps their ears and full babies are happier babies!

First Trip to Chicago

That first flight brought us to Chicago! This will be his first of many trips to the windy city because his mommy, daddy and sister’s best friends moved up their in April. Whenever we go to visit as a family, our plan is to spend a night in the city exploring different parts before heading to the burbs to see our people. I also have family in Northern Illinois, so we may be venturing up there next visit!

First Hayride to see Christmas Lights

Right after returning from our Chicago trip, we went on a hayride around our neighborhood and the one right by us to see some AMAZING lights! Brody slept through most of it and Chloe slept through half of it, but Mom and Dad really loved it! Also this is the best picture we got.

First Christmas in College Station

We celebrated Christmas a little early in College Station with JP’s family! This way we could see his parents, sister and our soon to be brother-in-law. Plus JP’s uncle and family we visiting from North Carolina, so it was extra special. We saw lights in Central Park, had a lovely dinner out, opened lots of presents (way too many for these lucky little kids) and just spent time together!

First Christmas

To finish off this awesome 4th month of life, Brody celebrated his first Christmas! From decorating cookies on Christmas Eve at the Timmers to waking up WAY too early to make it dressed and ready for 6:30 am mass to a huge Christmas dinner for ALL of our family (both sides) at our home. Brody did Christmas like a champ! He was passed all around and was barely put down all day. Lots of love for this sweet boy.

Brody loves…

  • eating whenever he gets the chance.
  • watching his big sister. (He adores her!)
  • chewing his tongue. (All the time y’all. It’s hilarious.)
  • chewing his hands when he’s not chewing his tongue.
  • standing in his Exersaucer. (He LOVES to be in the standing position.)
  • swinging in his swing. (He’ll be too big for it before long it seems!)
  • trying to sit up. (He’s getting close)
  • talking and smiling all the time!

Brody doesn’t love…

  • getting dressed after bath time.
  • when we don’t get him out of his carseat fast enough once we’re home! (Assuming he’s awake of course. But when he’s awake, it hurts his feelings if we leave him in there at all.)
  • having to wait.

Our sweet boy is still such a happy baby, but when he’s mad, you know it! 

My sweet Brody Boy,

This holiday season with you was the absolute BEST! We went to Illinois and actually experience a cold holiday like weekend, played at Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier, met Santa, saw lights on a hayride, had an early Christmas in College Station, spent Christmas Eve at Nonna and Poppa’s and hosted our first BIG Christmas dinner. Through it all you were such a trooper. You loved watching everything that was going on and being held by everyone. You’re always happy when someone is paying attention to you!

We were so busy this past month and your firsts were BIG ones. You first plane ride and vacation to Chicago and to see The Crowsons went great. You were a rockstar on both plane rides and loved being worn in the carrier all over Chicago. Being near your momma is the best! I’m soaking up all of your sweet snuggles as often as I can because I know you’ll be busy and moving before I know it! You didn’t have any physical firsts this last month, but a few more are on the horizon. You roll belly to back, but I think you’ll roll back to belly and even sit up on your own very soon.

You continue to bring me and our whole family so much joy! As far as babies go, you’re pretty darn easy. You let your momma sleep, you love to snuggle, you’re happy most of the time and you smile more than you cry. Your giggle is mesmerizing and it makes us want to do anything to make you laugh. I’m going to keep on holding you close as long as you’ll let me baby boy!

I love you without wax,

Your Momma

James Brody Gougler

4 Months Old

15lbs 6oz

25 1/2 inches long

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