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An Adventure Awaits!

An Adventure Awaits!

Today is the day!
The time has come for our adventure to start. 
Our fancy shirts are made.
All of the toddler’s stuff is loaded up. SO. Much. Stuff. Y’all!
If you missed seeing her packing process, you should check it out!
Our bags are packed. 
This doesn’t even include JP’s backpack, the pack n play, stroller or car seat!
The car will be loaded in a couple of hours and we’ll hit the road!
At 3pm tomorrow (8am Houston time), I’ll be reunited with this gorgeous girl.
Wish us luck as we venture across the Atlantic with a 2 year old! 10 hour flight to Frankfurt, a 5 hour layover, a 2 hour flight to Oslo, a train ride to city center followed by a quick taxi and we’re there! We totally got this right? If you’re a praying person, we’re accepting all prayers! 
I’ll be on and off over the next couple of weeks. I’m hoping to share some updates along the way. If you don’t already, follow along on Instagram @acgougler where I’ll probably be posting about our adventures every day!
Our Scandinavian adventure awaits!

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