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Evenflo Sibby Stroller Review
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Evenflo Sibby Stroller Review

We’ve been in our new home for just a few days shy of two months. Two months! Time is flying by and I’m loving our new neighborhood more and more. With my race around the corner, I’ve had plenty of time to explore while logging all my training miles. I’ve also been exploring with Chloe on pretty days! Since I’m staying at home with her now, we have lots of time to venture out and explore.

Last month, I received a new stroller from Evenflo. Since Chloe and I have been walking a lot and we’re always on the go, I was super excited to have another way to tote my mini around. The Evenflo Sibby Travel System is perfect for us! Our recent go to to escape the indoors has been the neighborhood park. We get to walk by the lake to get there and it’s only a half mile away. This stroller is a great fit for our short jaunt. It’s lightweight, easy to push and has a cup holder for me to tote a water bottle along with us.

Evenflo Sibby Stroller Review

As soon as I got the stroller in the mail, JP put it together for us. I could have done it without a problem. The instructions were super easy, but since I have a perfectly capable man who loves to help me out, I took his assistance.

Once it was together, Chloe was pushing it around the house with her babies inside. The first things I noticed was how lightweight the stroller was and how easy it was to steer and direct. I mean Chloe could get it around and she couldn’t even see anything. 🙂 I wish I would have taken a picture of that! My girl loves taking care of her babies after all.

I’ve come to the decision that you can’t really have too many strollers. They’re all so different and can be used in different situations. I have a larger stroller that I used to use day to day, an umbrella stroller in JP’s car just in case, as well as a jogging stroller. This one has become my go to for the day to day because it falls in between my larger daily stroller and the umbrella stroller. It’s much lighter and easier to get around, but it’s also sturdier than the little umbrella stroller. Of course different strollers come with different pros and cons. I wanted to share my opinions on the Evenflo Sibby.


  • Large bottom basket for storage
  • Small, lightweight frame
  • Easy to fold up and unfold
  • Momma cupholder
  • Lays back nicely
  • Sun shade covers child
  • Car seat is included in this travel system and can snap between car base and stroller with ease.



  • Cupholder is detachable and has fallen off.
    • Not a huge problem as long as it’s on securely!
  • Doesn’t lay back completely flat
  • When the shade is down, you can’t see your child.
    • See side by side picture above
  • No cupholders/snack tray in front of child.

The pros far outweigh the cons for this stroller!

Uses for the Evenflo Sibby Stroller

I said earlier that different strollers have different uses. I’ve found that this one has so many different uses in one! Like I’ve said, we use it multiple times a week to walk to the park and around the trails in our neighborhood. I also take it to the store if I know Chloe is tired. Instead of riding in the cart, she can ride in her stroller and fall asleep. You can see above how the stroller lays back nicely, but not quite all the way. This works just fine as far as Chloe is concerned! I snapped this during a Costco trip with my mom. One of us pushed the cart and the other pushed Chloe!

You know where else this stroller has been a life saver? The Houston Zoo! In the past I’ve lugged my heavy jogging stroller to the zoo. It’s a great stroller, but it’s heavy and harder to get around. The Evenflo Sibby Stroller is lightweight, easy to grab out of the car and go. The large basket underneath is perfect for a cooler or lunch box, and I can hook my purse or diaper bag on the stroller handles.

To make things even better, Chloe loves it. The handle bar in front allows Chloe to see everything, and she thinks it hilarious that she can prop her feet up on it if she feels like it!

This may seem like a lot of excitement over a stroller, but it is that awesome. I can tote this thing around everywhere! It’s so light that I can lift it in and out of my car with ease, plus tt folds up flat and doesn’t take up much storage space. You can push this stroller with ease over so many different surfaces. It holds everything that we need for our outings. Chloe is comfortable and likes riding in it. So many wins. It’s my go to stroller these days, and I can’t wait until we head to Europe in August because this baby is traveling with us for sure!

Evenflo Sibby Travel System stroller review

A big thank you to Evenflo for kindly sponsoring this post! All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own. I hope this Evenflo Sibby Stroller review helps you decide if this is the right stroller for you and your family!

What stroller do you use for your little ones?

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