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Man Crush Monday

Man Crush Monday

Happy Monday y’all! Yesterday I made a proposition. A pretty awesome one and I think y’all may agree. I think we should all take a vote and have Monday become second Sunday. Then we can all stay home with our families for another day. Good idea? Okay great, let’s do it! Weekends are my favorite because we have that handsome guy up there with us most of the time! It’s so nice to have our whole family together. It’s been a long time since I’ve bragged on JP, so I figured Man Crush Monday was the perfect opportunity for me to just say how awesome he is and how much we appreciate everything he does for us!

For starters JP is the greatest Daddy! Chloe is absolutely in love with him and she has him wrapped all around her finger. He’s so great about working hard all day, coming home (or out of his office) and going into dad mode for the next few hours until Chloe’s bedtime. I love the way she looks at him, the way he sings to her as he puts her to bed every night, the way he reads her the same book for the 5th time in a row and the way they interact. I’m so lucky that he’s her daddy.

I’m so thankful for this hard working man. It’s because of him that 3 1/2 years ago I was able to quit my corporate job and pursue a career following my passion for fitness. It’s because of him that I am able to only work 1-2 days a week and take care of our girl the rest of the time.  He’s such a hard worker and overachiever. His persistence on perfection is what got him where he is today. He’s a young leader at his company, and people are impressed at his ability to “climb the corporate ladder.” I’m super biased of course, but I think he’s just the greatest.

I love the way he puts up with my crazy antics. I’m constantly asking him to take pictures of me “for the blog” or “for Instagram.” He’s become a pretty good photographer I must say! So often he’s the man behind the camera for me. Every once in a while I can get him in the picture! Of course we can rarely make it too serious. He knows that I’m a little weird and kind of cooky. More importantly, he like it. I’d go as far as to say that he loves it. And I love him for loving it and loving me completely for who I am.

It’s hard to believe that he’s been my main squeeze for over 10 years. Last October it’s been 10 years since my last first kiss. In April we’ll celebrate 7 years of marriage. It hasn’t always been easy. We haven’t always gotten along perfectly, but we love each other and we’re willing to work to make it through everything. That’s what makes our relationship so special. We’ve grown, changed and accomplished so much over the last 10 years. I can’t wait to see what the future brings us.

So here’s to my Man Crush. The man who is usually behind the camera, works hard so that I can be at home with our daughter, and is the most present daddy. Thanks for being mine.

And before I go, a shout out to some of my other man crushes THE GREEN BAY PACKERS!!! Anyone who’s been following me or knows me, knows my love of the Packers. I’m a born and raised, brainwashed Packers fan thanks to my Daddy. It was such an awesome game and the Cowboys put up a great fight! Here’s to hoping we can beat the Falcons next weekend!

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  1. JP Gougler says:

    I am pretty awesome, what can I say? ?

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