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To the random stranger…

To the random stranger…

Yesterday I was walking with Chloe and was almost hit by a car. By far the closest call I’ve ever had and the most shaken I’ve been. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you already saw my post and read the story. If you don’t follow me…then you should! But here’s the background story:

This smiley girl and I had an interesting morning. We walked to Whole Foods for breakfast before heading to the park. On our way to the park, we were nearly hit mby a car. Luckily it was only a close call, but it was so close that I had to run out of the way of the vehicle to not get hit. I was shaken and upset. What bothered me even more is that not one person checked to see if we were okay. There were several cars that saw what happened and everyone was too busy trying to get to work to even roll down their window and check on the mother pushing her baby in a stroller. The car that nearly got us didn’t even slow down. I’m pretty sure she will never know that she almost hit us. I guess what I’m getting to is be careful when you’re driving and watch for pedestrians! As a runner and walker I try to watch for them, but even I am careless sometimes! Also if you see something happen or even almost happen to a pedestrian, Check to see if their okay!
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A scary close call.

As I walked away from this incident, I was definitely upset about the lady who will probably never even know that she could have seriously injured me and my child. I was even more upset about the fact that not a single person checked to see if I was okay. There were several cars at the stop light. Someone could have rolled down their window even. But no, everyone was too busy and worried about getting to work to comfort the mom walking with her baby. It’s moments like this that make me disappointed in the world around us. Disappointed in people. Disappointed in God. Why are you letting this happen? I don’t try to be disappointed in God, it’s far from His fault. But sometimes it just feels like it is. In moments like this, I try to turn things around. Think about the good in humanity, not the bad. Instead of dwelling on the rude and hateful people in this world, focus on the good people that go out of their way to make their friends, family or even a random stranger’s day brighter.

To the random stranger on the plane who told me that she knew I was a great mom:

Thank you for boosting my confidence in my ability to navigate this crazy journey called motherhood. It’s far from easy. Thank you for making me feel good about myself in a stressful situation. {Luckily Chloe was pretty good since her previous flight experience was a nightmare.} Most importantly, thank you for going out of your way to tell me this. You didn’t have to say a word, but you chose to and it made this momma’s day!

To the random stranger who gave me her Mickey ears:

Thank you for being so kind and generous! I told you that I loved your Nemo/Dory themed Mickey ears while washing our hands in the bathroom. I left the bathroom and joined Chloe & Julie then you came out and offered them to me! You made them yourself and were leaving the parks that day, so you didn’t really need them anymore. Thank you for making my day because of your kindness.

To the random stranger who works at Disney gave me a free cupcake:

You rock! Thank you for being awesome and making my last day at the Disney parks super awesome! I was totally eying those chocolate/peanut butter Darth Vadar cupcakes, and then you gave one to me…for free!

To the random strangers who encouraged me while running on the beach:

Thank you for making me feel like a rockstar that morning! I had laid in bed contemplating whether or not to run. I didn’t really want to get up, but decided to do it since I was awake anyway. Thank you for encouraging me and telling me I looked fabulous. It made me feel fabulous. I was definitely glad I got my bootie up thanks to your compliments and these views.

To the random strangers who played with Chloe and I at the park:

Thank you for being as outgoing as I am and not afraid to let your kids play with us. So often we’re at the park and other people come and act as if no one is there! Thank you for interacting with us and encouraging your children to help Chloe and play with her. It made her time at the park better and it made my hear so happy.

A big thank you to the random strangers out there that are kind, offer compliments, help others and go out of their way to just be a good human. You help me to remember that there are good people out there amongst the bad. I only hope that people see me as one of those good people.

Today I challenge everyone to go out of their way to make someone else’s day. Maybe even a random stranger. You have no idea how much you could help someone with even the smallest compliment!

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