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Lately: August 2016
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Lately: August 2016

Oh hey! So I’m not sure how it happened, I didn’t mean to be gone for a week, but somehow I was. It was a nice little break I must say! Lots of things have happened around here, so I thought I’d given a nice little update!

We’ll rewind to just before World Breastfeeding Week…

Chloe turned one and we threw her an Under the Sea themed birthday party! More pictures and event details to come later this week!

World Breastfeeding Week came and went. It’s my mom’s biggest week of the year! We had an amazing event at Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital. It was my mom’s biggest one to date. Now that it’s over, we’re already getting started for next year!

Chloe went on her 3rd flight, but this time it wasn’t to Orlando! Instead we flew to Nashville! She also got to go to the United Club for the first time. She’s pretty fancy.
Our flight to Nashville was simply a pit stop on the way to our final destination, Pigeon Forge, TN. We met up with my dad at the airport and drove to Pigeon Forge for a weekend with our family celebrating my aunt and uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary! My Uncle Bob and Aunt Darlene are also my God parents and have been more like grandparents to me growing up. I’m so happy that I was able to get a ticket last minute to be there to celebrate with them! It was also a great bonding time for Dad, Chloe and I since my mom couldn’t go!
We mostly spent time hanging out with family, but we were also able to do an Alpine Coaster down the mountain, a little moonshine tasting and a huge party to celebrate my aunt and uncle!
We also experienced Chloe’s worst flight to date. She’s always done so well on airplanes, so we were bound to have one traumatic experience. She started crying right after take off and there was nothing I could do, or anyone else around me for that matter, to make her feel better. I’m pretty sure her ears popped on take off. She cried for nearly the entire flight. As we landed, she passed out. Her little body was so tired from crying that she just couldn’t hang anymore. It was then that I completely lost it and started crying. It’s so hard to see your baby hurting and not know what to do to fix it!
A few days later, my mom, aunt, sister, Chloe and I met up with my youngest brother and his girlfriend for an overnight trip to Galveston! Chloe loved the beach just like she did when we took her Memorial Day. I think she likes it even more now that she can walk around.
The next day we went to Schlitterbahn Galveston for some waterpark fun! We had such a blast. Chloe was able to go on the lazy river and play in the kiddie areas. She loved it, but wasn’t feeling too great. She spent a lot of time hanging out with my mom and aunt just chilling in her stroller, snuggling or floating the lazy river!

This weekend we pretty much just did a ton of stuff around the house. We reorganized some closets, painted the stairway, redid the dogs’ room, watched the Olympics and just hung out as our little family. It was busy, but low key at the same time which is just what I needed after all the craziness of the past 2 weeks!

Of course more business will ensue shortly with football season right around the corner. That’s okay though, we like being busy and getting out there and doing things!

So what have y’all been up to lately?
Do you like to be busy or spend more time relaxing?

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