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My Forever Valentine
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My Forever Valentine

Happy Friday!!! I was prepped and ready to do an awesome Friday Five and share a recipe with y’all, but I couldn’t. With Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend, I had to do a post for the main man in my life, my husband! He’s not always on the blog with Chloe in the forefront, but trust me y’all, he is always there.

I’m so blessed to have someone that is there to love and support Chloe, the dogs and me. He works hard so we can live this amazing life that we live. He gives it his all so I can stay home with Chloe as often as I want. He tries to be his best for us, and for that I am so thankful.

This is our 10th Valentine’s Day together. TEN! Every year is different and we grow so much. We started as college love birds, became an engaged couple and by our 5th Valentine’s Day together, we was officially my forever Valentine. I’m so lucky to have him as my forever in my life. I couldn’t simply choose 5 pictures of us to make this a Friday 5. I couldn’t even choose just 10 to represent us, but here’s a glimpse back at my forever over the years.

My forever goofball.

My forever beach babe.

My forever sports wiz and stat machine.
My forever wedding date.
 My forever running buddy.

My forever travel companion.
My forever guitar hero.
My forever puppy and baby daddy.

My forever support system.

My last first kiss and my forever man.

Forever is a pretty long time. Forever means good days. Forever means bad days. Forever means happiness, anger, joy, frustration, elation and apathy. Forever means ups and downs. Forever means in goodness and in health. Forever means in sickness and in death. Forever means forever. Every day isn’t beautiful and no one can expect that. At least I know that forever I’ll have him. No matter what.

I love you my forever! Happy Valentine’s Day, enjoy it with your forever, your right now, your best friends, your girl friends. Just enjoy it no matter who it’s with!

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