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A Super Weekend in the books!
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A Super Weekend in the books!

Happy Monday…I mean Tuesday. I couldn’t get it together yesterday to do my regular Monday post! Between being gone all weekend to Super Bowl partying to busy Monday workdays to being a momma, blogging didn’t happen. It’s happening today though! Like I said, we had a busy weekend and I just had to share the fun we had with family and friends!
On Friday we…
…took our puppies on a walk because it was a beautiful day!
…took our puppies out again when daddy was done working! This time we went all the way to the dog park. Chloe loves to watch all the dogs run around, and Maggie likes to protect her baby. She’s always checking to make sure other dogs aren’t getting to close and to make sure her baby is having fun. Moose just likes to run around like a crazy pup jumping into the lake and sprinting as fast as he can. He’ll be 3 next month, but he’s still all puppy!
On Saturday we…
…packed up and headed off to College Station!
…couldn’t help but take a pit stop at Bucee’s with our favorite little dinosaur.
…spent time with Jojo and Pops! We made lots of funny faces, showed off our new tricks and just snuggled and loved them all day!
…had lunch at Blue Baker! It’s my favorite sandwich place in the whole world. As usual, I was too excited to eat to document the experience.
…went to the Aggie Basketball game! Jojo stayed at home with Chloe for some one on one bonding time while JP, Phi and I went to the game!
…went to the Olate Rescue Dog Show! By we, I mean Jody and I! This time JP and Phil stayed home with Chloe while Jody and I had a mother-daughter-in-love night out. It was so great to get a chance to spend time with just the two of us. I hit jackpot of the in-law lottery y’all.
The Olate Dogs are a father and son team that rescues poodle and fluffy mixed breeds and trains them to do some awesome tricks. They actually won America’s Got Talent! Below are some cute pictures I was able to snap during the fashion show!
On Sunday we…
…enjoyed a relaxing morning in College Station. Jody and Phil made us an awesome breakfast of biscuits, sausage and eggs! We just hung out, talked and played with Chloe until we took off shortly after lunch.

…headed to Sugar Land to go to a Super Bowl party at the Adams! We went there last year and had such a blast. Last year, we went and I was just in the beginning of my 2nd trimester! It was so good to see so many of our family friends and for them to spend time with Chloe.

We’re really lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives that care about us and Chloe! I love spending time with our parents and all of their friends because they’re so special to us.

It was a busy evening full of talking, eating and more eating. We even watched the game some. Thanks to Emily for documenting that part 🙂
As always, Chloe was the hit of the party. She was in the best mood and was her happy, silly self while everyone spend time with her.
And we had to get our “Real Housewives of Sugar Land” group shot! My momma had to work, so sadly she’s not in there. Luckily, we had to pick up the pups from my parents’ house when we left after the 3rd quarter. Mom had just gotten home from a long day at work, and we got a few moments with her!
Another wonderful weekend in the books! I’m so lucky to have long weekends at home with my girl. Choosing to work part time was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’m so thankful for my hard working husband to make that happen for us!
I hope that everyone has a fabulous week! Just think, it’s already Tuesday!
xoxo, Amy


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