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Winter Wear: The Fashionable, The Cute and The Ugly

Winter Wear: The Fashionable, The Cute and The Ugly

Merry Christmas Week Y’all! It’s only 3 days until Christmas…can you believe it? I can’t. Today I’m enjoying a relaxing day at home with my two favorite people and my two favorite pups! It doesn’t get much better than that. We’re looking forward to having daddy at home with us all week long! We may get a little crazy and try to get some things done around the house. But ehhhh…better not. In fact, we may stay in our jams all day long. Maybe, just maybe. Unless we go on a walk with the aforementioned pups. Then we may go all out and put on athletic shorts since it will be 80 degrees today.

We’re pretty used to warm winter temps here in Houston, but every once in a while we get a few cool days in a row. I love fall and wintry clothes. Leggings, tights, jeans, boots, sweaters, all my favorites. Since I’m a personal trainer and mom, the majority of my life is spent in spandex and tennis shoes. When I get the chance to dress up a little, I try to take full advantage of my closet. This fall was a warm and wet one, so I didn’t get to wear my boots too often, but I was able to use some of my fall/winter pieces to create warmer, winter outfits.

Left: (Me) Black jeggings, gray sweater, gray suede booties – (Chloe) Sweater, leggings, bow
Top Right: Leggings, sweatshirt dress – (Chloe) Sweater, leggings
Bottom Right: dress, tights – (Chloe) Dress, tights, bow
Of course, this year’s fashion is really all about Chloe. Dressing her up is way more fun than dressing me up!
Reindeer, penguins, moose and candy canes, oh my! She has so many cute Christmas sleepers and outfits. Most of December has been spent in holiday attire, and we’re perfectly okay with that. There is no such thing as ugly when it comes to baby clothes. But if you ask me, it isn’t Christmas without an ugly swear or pajama party!
Here are some of our ugly sweater and pajama parties over the past 5 years! As you can see, JP likes to wear the same sweater every year. We found it in his dad’s closet back in college and it’s a hit each year. I’ve got two solid staples as far as Christmas sweater outfits go. One was my mom’s from the 90’s and the other I bought at Wal-mart in college. An excellent purchase indeed. I actually want to go back and get a new one this year. You can’t have too many really! In past years, we’ve done pajama parties which are always a blast and you know you’ll be comfy all night long! This year we went to a Grinch party at Rachael’s house (remember her Harry Potter Party?) and we dressed up as Whos in Whoville!
This is truly my favorite time of year and for so many reasons! Happy Christmas week y’all. Enjoy every moment you can with your loved ones and be safe!
What is your favorite type of winter wear? I have to go with Christmas sweaters. They just make me so happy. And yes, I wear them to all Christmas functions, not just tacky sweater parties.
BONUS! Just to make you smile…

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