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Lately…December 2015
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Lately…December 2015

I’m trying to figure out how this year is really coming to an end. It has gone by so fast and so slow all at the same time. I know I’ve been blogging less this year then I have in the past, but I still love blogging as much as I always have. Life is just ever changing and evolving. Right now, my focus is on giving my attention to this tiny little human who has changed my world in the best ways imaginable! This month, I’ve told you all about our Disney travels and Chloe’s 4 month update, but here’s what we’ve really been doing lately!

Lately we’ve been…
…trying to give these puppies as much ATTENTION as possible!
Of course we always give them attention, but since Chloe has arrived, it’s harder for me to get them on walks! Not to mention it seems like it’s always raining! They’ve been getting lots of time in Nonna and Grandpa’s backyard and walks to the Bayou Dog Park when the weather is nice!
Maggie turned 5 in November and is nosy and crazy as ever! She still loves her baby so much, but tries to get in on Chloe snuggle time.
Moose will be 3 in March and would run and fetch and swim all day if we let him. He’s entertaining the idea of Chloe a little more and will lay by her from time to time.

Like all about poosplosions and how to quickly clean up!

We’ve been learning about new toys and trying new things! The exersaucer is becoming more than a place where she can sit. She’s learning there are toys attached that make sounds and what not. I get a lot of silly pics in here.

We’re also learning how to sit up unsupported! We have a lot of topples which is why practicing on the couch and bed are perfect.
Emily graduated with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from St. Augustine University at Austin last Friday. My whole family was there to cheer her on and celebrate all of her accomplishments. We couldn’t be more proud.
I’m excited that now my sister is moving home and we can focus on wedding planning! After she passes the boards in January of course!
Chloe gets lots of stories read to her while snuggling mommy in our glider. It’s our favorite form of quiet time. We’ve been blessed with so many different books from lots of people, so story time is always exciting.
Believe it or not, I’m also reading some grown up books around here. Well some are grown up. Here’s what I’ve read the past few months.
The Uglies Series: Uglies, Pretties, Specials, Extras
Under the Banner of Heaven
The Cinder Series: Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, Winter
I’m currently reading Winter! I read the other three while traveling around Europe. It kind of a scyfy fairytale type series.
We’ve been busy peeping for Chloe’s first Christmas! The decorations are up, presents are wrapped and we attempted a salt dough ornament. That was a huge fail, so we bought a kit instead. That’s on the agenda for this week 🙂 We’re all looking forward to Christmas with Chloe. She may not understand it this year, but she’s already making the experience more exciting for everyone. I can’t wait to take pictures on Christmas day!

That’s what’s going on at the Gougler house lately! JP is working hard to support our little family and we appreciate him so much! I’m at the gym 2 days a week and starting another little business venture to help bring in a little extra spending money! I’ll share more on that soon! As for now, life is good. 2015 was an exciting but pretty difficult year for us. Only 16 more days left this year and then the slate is wiped clean once again!

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