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Burn the Turkey!
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Burn the Turkey!

Happy Black Friday!!! Did anyone get up and go shopping this morning? I slept in and it was glorious. I did however, get some online shopping in. I know it’s not Cyber Monday yet, but I feel like the Black Friday deals are becoming just as good online for some shops! Anyway, I digress. How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? I hope it was full of family, fun and lots of food! If your Thanksgiving plate was as full as mine…

…then you may want to find a way to burn a few extra calories! You’re possibly still out of town or with family, so I put something together that you can do anywhere and all you need is YOU!

4 simple exercises:
Push ups
Sit ups
Perform 30 repetitions of each exercise. That means 30 lunges on each side! No cheating 😉 After you do your reps do 3-5 minutes of cardio. You can run, do jumping jacks, jump rope, high knees, or even hop on a bike if you have one around. Then perform 25 reps and do your cardio. Keep on going until you get down to 5 reps of each! If you’re short on time, cut out the cardio. It’s better than doing nothing at all!
Speaking of burning turkey calories, yesterday I walked a 3 mile Turkey Trot with my daddy and Chloe while JP ran the 5 mile route. I was supposed to run but issues with my SI joint and hip are keeping me from running right now. It’s all about taking it easy so I can run in January! 

Chloe was a champ and fell asleep shortly after we started! Turkey Trots are exhausting after all! 
And our activity didn’t stop there! Every year we have the Annual Timmer Games of Skill. Each year it’s a little different, but always awesome. It’s a way to get everyone out of the house so my mom can cook without us bothering her. This year went up to the middle school football field had had throwing, kicking and other weird competitions. We also played a game like Ultimate Frisbee but with a football!

The girls we obviously way more skilled and talented then the boys! It was an awesome Thanksgiving with so many loved ones!
Do you have any Thanksgiving activity traditions?

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