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October Goals

October Goals

Another month has come and gone. How is it already October? The holiday season is practically among us. It’s finally fall although it is not in the air around here. Halloween is around the corner and hopefully cooler temps down south. After a few months of craziness and new experiences, I’m finally starting to fall into a routine. This month will mark my return to work and a more normal life since I’m no longer 1,000 weeks pregnant and my tiny newborn is growing up each day, so we’re starting to get the hang of things around here. I thought that the start of a new month would be the perfect time to start setting new goals.



1. Lose 2 more baby pounds! I’ve been doing a great job losing the baby weight, but I’m hitting a plateau. The worst part is, I know exactly why. I’m definitely eating more fat and less protein then I should, so I just need to even those out a little bit.

2. Go back to work! Yikes. I’m so nervous and scared to go back. I don’t want to leave my precious baby girl, but the time has come. I am lucky enough to not need to send her to daycare. Our amazing Auntie Annie (She hosted one of my gorgeous baby showers!) is going to watch Chloe on Mondays and my mom is going to watch her on Wednesdays! I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for these women. Chloe Grace is so loved and will be well taken care of while I work part time.

3. Run at least 3 days a week. I started the month out with a bang because this morning, I got my booty out of bed at 6:30am, was out the door by 7:10am (Had to drain the girls!) and ran 3.65 miles while JP watched Chloe for me. I’m also ready to start running with my running club again, so that’s the plan for Saturday morning. Once I’m back at work, I know I’ll run on Wednesdays since I get to start running with Rachael again! I miss our weekly run dates where I make her work harder than me 🙂

4. Start doing more yoga. My body is stiff and achy and I know how to solve those problems. I just find reasons not to do it when I should. I want to aim for once a week whether it be a class, at home or Fitness on Demand at the gym.

5. Run my first post baby race! JP and I signed up for the Houston Half and 10K on October 25th. The past few years (here and here), I’ve done the half marathon. This year, we’re taking it easy and easing into things with a 10K!

6. Save some money and don’t buy all the things. My husband will like this one! September is my birth month, so I don’t feel so bad about buying things. Now I need to save a bit of money with the holidays and Disney trips right around the corner!

7. Read 2 books. I love reading and last year I read 52 books, one for each week of the year. This year I’ve been slacking. I’d like to start and finish two books this month, so I read more instead of watch tv when I’m at home with Chloe!

So tell me, what are your goals for October?

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