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A Milestone Weekend!
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A Milestone Weekend!

Once again, I’ve missed a Monday and nearly missed a Tuesday on this little blog of mine. I actually have too much to share from this weekend to forget about it! This weekend was full of milestones for me. On Friday, I attended my high school reunion. Saturday morning we hit the 32 week mark and had our maternity photo shoot with Marci from Three Peas Photography. The rest of the weekend was literally spent outside, by the pool, at my parents’ house. The last one doesn’t sound like a milestone, but considering the fact that it not only rained every day in May, Houston flooded two weeks ago. So yeah, a completely sunny weekend was a milestone indeed. Now let’s take a look at the awesomeness in collage form because everyone really reads blogs for the pictures 😉

High School Reunion!

We had such a great time and it’s hard to believe that I graduated from high school 10 years ago! The first 30 minutes or so were kind of awkward as everyone was getting acquainted and enjoying an adult beverage or two…none for this momma though! We stayed until 10:00pm which is when things were really ramping up and people were opening up and becoming more chatty! I had to get to bed though because I had an 8:00am hair appointment and a photo shoot to get ready for!

32 Weeks Pregnant!

Bumpdate coming on Friday! For our pictures, I got my hair done at Blow Dry Bar in Uptown Park! I loved my curls and they fell to a perfectly natural look during the pictures.

Maternity Pictures!

These are just a few sneak peek shots that my mom was able to capture on her iPhone! I loved working with Marci. She was fast, efficient, knew what she was doing, and to top it off, she told me I was a natural. Want to know how to win your way into my heart? Tell me I’m a natural in front of the camera 🙂

Lazy, Hazy Pool Days!

As you can see, it was terrible. And by terrible I mean amazing and relaxing. Relaxing isn’t a word that I’ve used lately! I needed it. Maggie and Moose had a blast running around. Moose never gets tired of swimming and I don’t get tired of playing with him in the water!

So there you have it…a weekend of milestones! Maybe not the biggest milestones compared to what’s to come, but milestones nonetheless. Next weekend we’ll hit another exciting one with my first baby shower! Ah I. CAN’T. WAIT!

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