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Day dates, SHO and Easter Sunday

Day dates, SHO and Easter Sunday

Happy Monday y’all! I hope everyone enjoyed their hopefully long, holiday weekend! I had a busy, yet relaxing weekend packed full of awesome stuff. Once again, a weekend worth blogging about!

Friday I…

  • slept in…for me at least! I finally got up and out of bed at 7:15am. This pregnant lady enjoys lounging around first thing in the morning these day. Since I can’t do it during the week, I take full advantage during the weekend.
  • had a late breakfast at The Egg and I with Ali! Followed by pedicures and Chloe Grace shopping at Babies R Us. Y’all I’m obsessed with that store; it’s addicting and I can’t stay away!
  • went on a super top secret mission in Sugar Land. I can’t talk about it yet for fear of certain people seeing what I was up to. In due time I can tell!
  • came home and watched The Maze Runner with my hubby! We both read the books and saw the movie in theaters, but it’s been a while for both so we talked through most of it. Doing a little compare and contrast to the book and trying to remember all the details and what comes next. It was kind of fun arguing over what happened. JP apparently remembers more than I do, but only because I read the books before him of course!
  • ate dinner and Chloe asked me for some fro yo so I couldn’t deny her! We rounded out our day with Menchies and family couch snuggles.
Saturday I…
  • slept in again! Until 7:30am this time!
  • had a Whole Foods breakfast delivered to me on the couch by my babe. Iced coffee with a pancake and a biscuit for the win! A touch of caffeine and carbs for the win! I needed to energize myself for the day ahead.
  • went to the Shell Houston Open! We’ve been out to the SHO the past several years {2012, 2013, 2014} and we were lucky enough to get free tickets from Shell yet again!
    • arrived at the SHO just after 11:00am and walked around watching players for about an hour before hitting up the Shell food tent. Pregnant Amy + free food = Love. I love Shell that is all.
    • went over to our ticketed spots in the box of the 16th green. It’s such a fun one because it’s a short par 3 hole.


    • walked around the back half of the course catching some awesome players like Keegan Bradley, Jordan Speith and Phil Mickelson! We even saw Patrick Reed hit a hole in one at our seats on the 16th green!
    • finally headed home just after 5:00pm.
  • rested for the rest of the evening watching movies, eating pizza and hanging out with my loves. After walking around all day and being in the sun and wind we were spent!

Sunday I…

  • can you guess what I did? That’s right, slept in again! There is something so satisfying about laying in bed knowing I don’t have to get up. Usually I would want to get out of bed to go run or to get the day started, but now I am soaking up my ability to lay around. It’s not like I can run and soon Miss Chloe will be determining when I get out of bed. So until then, I will lounge.
  •  prepped Easter baskets for my mommy and daddy! They always have something for us no matter how old we are, so I thought I’d go ahead and return the favor for once!
  • had an Easter egg hunt for the pups. They did such a good job, but kept searching once all the eggs were found. It’s amazing what they’ll do for treats!
  • went to Sugar Land to spend the rest of the day with my family. Well, some of them at least! We went to church in the evening with my dad and had Easter dinner before heading home. Unfortunately, Ben was up in Colorado, Emily had to stay in Austin for school and Mom had to work. On the up side, we’ll all reunite for Ben’s graduation soon!


It was a wonderful and busy yet relaxing weekend for the Gouglers. Even though we had three days, they went by so so fast! Here’s to another work week. I hope everyone has an awesome Monday!

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