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Marathon Monday: Episode 1

Marathon Monday: Episode 1

I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but somewhere along the way it became the 7th week of marathon training season. What? Only 18 weeks left! While that does seem like a ways away, life has been flying by lately. The crazy holiday season will be here and before we know it, the Houston marathon will be here!

I decided to redevote a day of the week to talking about running. Tips, tricks, accountability, workouts, so on and so forth. So let’s jump in!

Here’s what last week looked like for me!

Sunday: OFF
Monday: Total Body cardio workout + 1 mile run
Tuesday: 45 minute spin class
Wednesday: 4 mile tempo run
Thursday: 2 miles speed work + 1 easy mile + Upper Body workout
Friday: 45 minute spin class
Saturday: 7 mile run (1 EP, 5 MP, 1 EP)

EP=Easy Pace
MP=Marathon Pace
I’m training with the 3:45 hr group this year so instead of being the fastest in my group, I’m now one of the slower ones. It’s a bit demoralizing, but I just have to remember that I’m challenging myself.
The 3:45 group’s marathon pace is around an 8:30 min/mile. My ideal pace is actually around 8:50-8:55 min/mile which is still 10-15 second/mile faster than a 4:00 hr marathon. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot but when we’re talking in terms of 26 miles, it’s a bit deal! I just need to get over the fact that I’m not the best and pace myself. I’m too competitive.

Speaking of pacing myself, this week’s running tip is all about pace! When running distance, you have to focus on a goal pace. If you want to finish in a certain time, you need to be aware if how fast you’re going throughout a race. Adrenaline makes you want to take off at the start of the race. Unfortunately, depleting your energy levels that early is a sure way to fall short of your goals. Here are a few ways to learn how to better pace yourself!

1. Follow the rules of long distance training!

Save you fast runs for speed and tempo work and keep your long runs at a slower pace. It’s all about time on your feet. Don’t forget to do your speed work too!

2. Skip the watch and run by feeling.

Some runs are harder than others. Using your watch to pace you isn’t always bad, but life, weather and other things can get in the way. Learning to run by feel means that you know how to adjust your training. This will help come race day!

3. Fuel properly during longer runs.

Not having adequate energy intake is going to make you bonk. You performance ability will suffer greatly and leave you feeling like you didn’t do your best! Fuel during your run should be tested during long runs. Find our what works for you: your stomach, your energy, your taste buds 🙂 Then put it in practice on race day, don’t try anything new!

4. On race day, start slow and work your way up to race pace.

If you start slow, you should be able to finish fast. Assuming race day conditions are up to par of course! Make it your goal to have a negative split during your race!



This coming week, I have a few more miles on the docket and plan to be up to par on my training schedule. An easy run may have to be substituted with a spin class every now and then because well…it’s my job and I get paid to teach! I have to make sure I’m not over doing it and getting adequate rest.

What races are you training for this season?
Do you have any other pacing tips?

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