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Friendship + Medicine Balls = Partner Play
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Friendship + Medicine Balls = Partner Play

This past weekend, JP and I were able to spend so much time together with friends. It seemed as though this was the most perfect weekend for everyone to be in town!

JP and I called this past weekend our “Tour de Houston” because we were all over the place. We cooked dinner with Chandra and Michael on Friday in Jersey Village. Saturday we met up with Julie, Chris and Evan at Top Golf in Spring. Then we went to Chris’ parents’ house in the Woodlands for good food, margaritas and pool time. And of course that wasn’t enough for us, so we headed back into town for dinner at Blackfinn with all of our college friends. Russo was in town from D.C. and Brian and Lori came down from Dallas so we could all be together.

If Saturday’s craziness wasn’t enough, Sunday bright and early, we drove down to Galveston to help my cousin Amanda and her friend Alex move into their new house! {They drove down here from North Carolina for a fresh start and new adventure post college which means I have my favorite cousin only an hour away.} To finish the day off, we ended up in Sugar Land post unloading the moving truck into an un-airconditioned house for much needed pool time! Whew.


Left to Right, Top to Bottom
one. JP finishing his swing at Top Golf North Houston
two. Houston skyline from I-45
three. Me and my Julie. So glad she came to visit from Orlando!
four. Alison – me- Ashley out in Midtown to celebrate Russo being in Houston
five. Galveston road trip with my two little side kicks
six. Me – Amanda – Alex I love jumping pics
seven. Celebrating their move to H-town!

Being around so many friends this weekend had me thinking about friendship a lot and how lucky I am to have this many people in my life that I feel so close to. Each friendship was formed in its own special way and developed over time to blossom into what we have today. Each friendship also shaped me into who I am today. We choose our friends and our friends choose us. I thought hard about how each friendship has changed my life and made me select my path.

How did I get to where I am? 
What influenced me to make my choices? 
Why am I confident in who I am? In what I’m doing?

Love and support. 

Love and support from my friends and family. I’m a lucky girl to have such wonderful people in my life. The people pictured above, that I saw this weekend are only a few of the people who touched my life and gave me the confidence to be who I am. Thank you to all my friends. Friendship means the world to me and I am strong because of it!

Speaking of friends, you know a really fantastic way to hang out and feel good about yourself? Yup, you guessed it. A workout! I mean, Chandra and I became friends because of a running club. Julie and I trained for and ran our first half together. Ashley and Alison decided to join us and jump on the bandwagon shortly after. Partner workouts are super fun and it’s a great way to push yourself and see the people you care about. Plus you’ll be glad you did it instead of sitting on your bum at a bar with a drink in hand. You can do that after and feel better about it! Here’s a great partner workout to try!

Instead of explaining each of these exercises in depth, I thought I’d just fix the names to match these awesome websites below that give full descriptions of each move! Of course, If you have any questions at all, leave a comment or send me an email and I’ll explain it right away!

Now grab a friend and go get it done! Take a moment to remember why your friends while you’re at it. And remember how lucky you are to have a friend to do work with!

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