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Guess who’s back!

Guess who’s back!

Back again. Amy’s back, tell a friend. Hah just kidding. But I really am back from my amazing Norwegian adventure! And an adventure it was indeed!

I took so many pictures, drank so many glasses of wine, ate so many delicious meals, and did so many new things. I’d be lying if I said I’m glad to be back. I’d much rather be in Norway still! Most pics are still on my computer, but I thought I’d share a picture a day from my trip to give you an idea of the beauty I saw and the fun I had!
Wednesday, June 11th
Flying over the Norwegian fjords
Thursday, June 12th

Hot tub time with my best seester friend

Friday, June 13th

Trail run in Gjovik with Ole & JP 
Saturday, June 14th
Barn party by the lake
Sunday, June 15th

Mountain rapids and waterfalls on our road trip

Monday, June 16th
Windy walks in Fonnes by the fjords
Tuesday, June 17th
View from our mountain hike in Bergen

And no picture taken yesterday because traveling for 20+ hours absolutely sucks! More pictures and lots of stories to come!
Happy Thursday y’all!

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