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These are a few of my FAVORITE things!

These are a few of my FAVORITE things!

Oh hey there friends! Remember that one time I didn’t show up until Tuesday then I crawled back into my little hole until Friday? Yeah, not sure what’s going on, but business has ensued! New goal, get blogs started on weekends so I can share more with y’all since clearly blogging during down time at work isn’t happening. Why? Oh because there is no down time! I’m a busy lady and certainly not complaining. I’m loving it! Guess what I’m also loving? The fact that it’s Friday. Friday is my favorite so it seems like the perfect time to talk about some of my current favorite things!

My Clients
Yup, that’s right, they’re awesome and they’re all my favorites. I’ve been at my gym now for nearly 4 months and I’m almost at 10 clients. Plus, every client that I started with is still training with me. I’m still feeling great about this career change!

Ever heard of it? It’s this awesome half stability ball that you can do all sorts of balance, cardio and strength work with! I think a BOSU workout is in store for y’all! Has anyone seen one of these at their gym?


Not Your Mother’s Texturizing Spray
I first learned about Not Your Mother’s when I received an Influenser VoxBox last spring. First off, it smells amazing. Secondly, it really works and gives your hair that texture needed for volume. This has been great since I’ve been air drying my hair more and more. I’ve been avoiding the straightener and just embracing my semi-frizzy waves. The texture spray gives it a bit of ump like you’ve been at the beach getting some ocean air!

French braids
Also awesome for a personal trainer! I get tired of the same old bun or ponytail because let’s be honest, having long hair is impossible to keep down as a trainer. I’ve gotten even better at half braids into buns or ponytails or even a braid across the front. It’s the perfect “I didn’t wash my hair” do.

Quest Protein Bars
Nom, nom, nom. So many flavors, so little time. My favorite part about these little bars is that they have a naturally sweetened line! Low carb, no sugar added, sweetened with Stevia and Erythritol, 20g of protein and gluten free for those of you who can have the glutes! Since I’m up at 4:00am every day (not one of my current favorites), I eat two breakfasts every day. I have one before I start training, between 5:30-6:00am, and another between 8:00-9:00am. I love Quest Bars for my first breakfast. I try to get a good amount of protein in the mornings to keep me full longer and to get my body going! This is especially good for the mornings I teach classes! One more thing, they’re a great way to have something sweet and you’re cheating clean!
{No this isn’t sponsored material. I just really love them and want to share the Quest Bar goodness with everyone!}

Sunshine and 75*
I am obsessed with this actual spring we’ve had in Texas. Sunny days with highs in the mid-70’s. This never happens y’all. The pups have loved it too. We go on tons of walks and the park is our current favorite location. That or my parents’ backyard!

There you have it, just a few of my favorite things currently 🙂 Those along with fun, fitness and Fridays. Y’all know I love some alliteration. I hope y’all have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend! I’ll be back in full action next week!

What are your current favorite things?

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