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Reebok ZQuick: Live with Fire!
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Reebok ZQuick: Live with Fire!

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok. All opinions are those of A Balancing Act!

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to work with Reebok to promote their new ZQuick running shoe. I was pumped from the get go when I saw that one of the athletes promoting their shoe was Aly Raisman! Take a look at this video just to see how awesome she is!
I loved the shoes from the moment I brought them out of their bag! The color is vibrant and the look is very sleek. There are several colors available for men and women that you can take a look at. Call me biased, but I like mine the best and I didn’t even get to choose. I guess Reebok just gets me. The Reebok ZQuick running shoes were inspired by hi-performance, Z-Rated tires; hence the unique tire-like soles. These outsoles provide control, traction and speed to enhance your speed and running performance. The unique design also allows the soles to flex and expand each time your foot strikes the ground for a smooth, natural run.
Taking my ZQuicks for a few spins around the track!
The bootie of the shoe is soft, flexible and no-sew. You don’t have to mess with a shoe tongue slipping to the side because it is locked in place. The lightweight, flexible fabric is breathable for your feet which is ideal in south Texas summers! The webbing on the outside of the bootie isn’t just for looks as it provides extra support and stability
Each time I take my ZQuicks out for a run, I find more things I like about them.
  • After several wears, they mold to the shape of your foot. I am worried that after some time they’ll stretch too much since I run on the outsides of my feet so badly, but I haven’t experienced that yet though!
  • I originally worried about the flexibility of the fabric not allowing my feet to have the support needed when making turns or doing speed and agility drills. Again this hasn’t been a problem at all. While your feet have the ability to move, they are still secure in the shoe and feel great. You can see in the picture above that I’ve taken these around the track a time or two which required multiple turns per mile!
  • The lightweight feel is definitely different from my traditional distance running shoe. These lean more towards a sock-like feel than shoes.
Post 4 miler relaxing on the hammock!
One extra perk is that people are constantly complimenting my shoes and asking me where they’re from! They love the bright color. They love the look. These shoes really sell themselves! They fit their slogan #livewithfire! I wore them out to a half marathon last weekend and had everyone asking about them. If they’re speaking to runners just by their look then it looks like Reebok has targeted the right crowd!
One thing I will suggest, don’t step in dog poop…it’s hard to get out of the bottoms 🙂
Have you tried any lightweight running shoes?  
What did you think about the difference between them and your traditional running shoes?

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