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For the love of running…and running shoes!

For the love of running…and running shoes!

This post is sponsored by Mizuno through Fitfluential. Please know that all statements are my own true opinion!

Anyone who has been around these parts for a while knows about my passion for running. There’s just something about the pavement hitting beneath my feet. The wind whipping my hair around into a giant knot. My body aching. The joy you feel when conquering a new distance or bed weather conditions. Really there’s something about it and it’s a type of joy that you may take some time to find.

I’ve also learned that my passion for running has sparked a passion for other things/situations/etc…for example…

I love work out clothes. Okay, I’ve always loved workout clothes, but now I buy all my clothes while thinking about Texas running conditions. “This would be great for a hit, humid summer run!” “This is lightweight enough for a Texas winter run while still keeping me warm!” I have TONS of running clothes and yet I still need more, more, more!

I love running with people. I used to enjoy running. Or maybe it was bearable. Then I started distance running. I enjoyed running and mostly I did it alone. I wasn’t the same pace as my girl friends who ran so alone it was. Then I decided that it would be a good idea to run a marathon. Thank goodness I joined Runner’s High because I am a better runner for it…not to mention I’ve made some of the greatest friends! I now have people to run with. In fact, I ran the first 18 miles of the marathon with people from my club and intend to run with my girls Melanie and Chandra this year!


I love that it has helped to grow my love of fitness. I’ve been teaching group fitness since 2008 and training since this year, but I feel like my knowledge or running  and cardiovascular endurance has made me not only a better fitness professional, but a more passionate one!

I am in LOVE with Mizuno. I love their shoes. I fell in love with Mizuno in 2011 when I truly started running. I was fitted for a pair of black, gray and purple Wave Rider 14’s at my local running store and I was hooked! I’ve run in the 14, 15 and 16’s so when Mizuno gave me the opportunity to test the 17’s before the hit the shelves, you know I couldn’t turn them down!


The second my box arrived I was thrilled! I was even more excited when I saw the colors…black, mint and pink…yes please! I like how Mizuno went back to a similar design as the 14 & 15’s since the 16’s were a bit different. They have a few different colors in both men’s and women’s sizes. Not only are they stylish, but they’re comfortable.

I took my shoes for a 3 mile break in run before we jetted off for NYC and I wore them on the plane! I really put their comfort to the test on a 10 mile run in New York City around Central Park! They have completely lived up to the Wave Rider standards in my book! I truly enjoyed my run and didn’t notice that I was wearing new shoes at all. The Wave Rider 17’s are super lightweight, they’re actually the lightest of the Wave Riders! The outsoles feature a Seigaiha wave pattern in the style of wood block printing and provides you optimal flexibility throughout your run. We ran all around Central Park…on trails, on the pavement, on cobblestone, up and down stairs, you name it…and the shoes were a great fit throughout. I didn’t need to break them in because they felt great on my feet from the get go. I don’t know about y’all, but that is so important to me!


Rocking my WR 17’s at work!

So if you’re needing a new pair of running shoes for the holiday season, try out the Mizuno Wave Rider 17’s, remember you love for running and get lost in your run!

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