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Things I miss from my childhood

Things I miss from my childhood

Sometimes I look at what children are playing with these days and it really makes me miss the toys, movies, shows and clothing from my childhood. So in honor of Throwback Thursday, I’m going to reminisce…

The Brave Little Toaster
Hello this was an awesome movie! I mean he really was a brave toaster to cross the wilderness like that! And having to deal with all the personalities…a scared blanket, an angry vacuum cleaner…he was legit.


Trix Color Changing Spoons
These were a blast. As soon as you got it wet, it changes colors! Magic! Mind blown! Plus it made eating cereal for breakfast way more fun!


American Girl Dolls
I had Kirsten. I loved my Kirsten doll. I remember wanting all of her accessories, but they were far from cheap. Luckily, I have one of the coolest dads around. He built a trunk for Kirsten! Yes, a legit trunk for me to store her and all of her goodies in. I can’t wait to share this with my little girl one day. P.S. Did y’all know that Kirsten is retired? They don’t make her anymore. Sad day.


My Little Pony Tales
I loved all of my ponies! I collected them and played with them and watched the show and reenacted the shows. It was so fun. Plus there were a ton of different colors of ponies. You know, multiple shades of pink and purple. That way no one had to be “the yellow ranger.” You know what I’m talking about. No one wanted to be the yellow ranger. Good thing I’m bossy, I was always pink 🙂

Beanie Babies
You know you had a collection. You know you were completely obsessed. You know you wanted the latest and greatest bear when it came out. And you know you ran to McDonald’s when mini Beanies were in the Happy Meals. So much for all the money I was going to make off of those suckers. They’re just chillin’ in my parents attic now.


The Flintstones, The Jetsons and other original Cartoon Network shows
These were the best cartoons. I remember when Cartoon Network started coming up with the Cartoon Cartoon shows! They were so fun and creative. Shows that kids watching now are weird. I’m sure adults thought the same things about us though 🙂


And last but, not leasts…
How awesome and annoying were these things? I mean, it was like having a child. I remember asking friends to watch mine so it wouldn’t die. Of course I had a dog. She was just adorable. Little did I know that raising my own dog would be a little more complicated 🙂

A few other things I just have to bring up…

  • Furbees {So incredibly annoying}
  • Pretty, Pretty Princess {I freaking love this game!}
  • McDonald’s Barbie Dolls {Just as awesome as the mini Beanie Babies}
  • Dear Diary {And to think kids just play with iPads now}

What toys, games and shows are you missing from your childhood?

Happy #throwbackthursday #tbt y’all!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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