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Thankful Thursday!
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Thankful Thursday!

From wordless Wednesday to thankful Thursday! So I’m participating in a brand new link up with two lovely ladies {Crystal and Jenna}and y’all should join in! Lately I’ve had so much to be thankful for that this is only to appropriate.

Lately I am thankful for…

…Pumpkin spice M&M’s.


…my birthmonth.  September really is the best!

…being able to spend the day with my mom’s doing fun things like reading in the sunshine, going to Costco, cooking dinner and chatting about everything while sipping Deep Eddy grapefruit drinks.

…my amazing supportive husband. He pretty much gets me through everything even when I tell him he’s not helping, he really is. Don’t tell him though! 😉


… crock pots. Seriously those things are amazing and they help me make some pretty delicious dinners!

…the ability to travel and explore the world! I’ve been so fortunate to travel a lot over the last few years. Next up Boston! I can’t wait to meet Jodi!


…my amazing friends. This year has been one of the hardest for me for multiple reasons. I have some pretty amazing men and women in my life that I couldn’t imagine living without.

I’m feeling so blessed and for that I am so thankful! Now join in and link up!


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