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My Fitness Gear

My Fitness Gear

It’s not new news that I love a good workout. You know what one of my favorite parts about working out/running is? The super cute, fun and different outfits and gear that I get to use to get the job done.

You really can be sweaty and beautiful. Just think, I don’t sweat, I sparkle and you’ll be set. Speaking of sweat, I’m a sweater. Yeah, yeah we all sweat, but I really sweat. Oh and when I run, I’m all sorts of hot when I finish. That’s one part of what makes working out the best. The other part…the clothes. Let’s take a look at what I find myself sweating in most days 🙂

We’ll start from the bottom and work out way up shall we?

First things first, feet.

I have sweaty feet. Sexy, I know. One way I combat nasty foot sweat is by choosing the right pair of socks. Just any ole pair of socks doesn’t work for this girl. They need to be dry fit and fit just right. I prefer a little compression in the middle to support my high arches as well. Enter PowerSox. I was actually given a few different pairs to test out and review! The Advance Dry Socks and the CoolMax Lo-Cut Liner Sox.


Top: CoolMax Lo-Cut Liner
Bottom: Advance Dry Sox

I actually love them both. The Lo-Cut liners are a bit thiner than the Advance Dry, so it’s all about personal preference. My favorites are the PowerSox Advance Dry socks. They are moisture wicking and keep my feet from sweating to the point of giving me blisters! You know what’s even more awesome? PowerSox has offered to giveaway some of the PowerSox Advance Dry socks for you! Just enter the Rafflecopter at the bottom of the post!

Enough about socks, let’s talk about shoes! I usually run in my trusty Mizuno Wave Rider 15’s, but since they just came out with the 16’s, it was time for me to see what my feet like best. I wasn’t in love with the 16’s so I actually switched to the Saucony Triumph 10. So far I am definitely liking them! I’m still switching between my Mizunos and Sauconys for now. I’ll probably try to find another pair of discounted Mizunos to swap with this year!


Okay moving on up to the legs.

Sometimes I like to show them off, sometimes I like to keep covered up. It has nothing to do with me really, just the weather. For cold weather runs, I run in Under Armor running tights. They go all the way down to my ankle and are a bit thicker since they are made specifically for cold running. My usual go to for crops are my Lululemon Run Inspire Crop II. Obsessed. I actually wore them in my very first marathon!


As far as shorts go, I’m not too picky as long as they’re loose. My favorite brands are Nike Brooks and Lululemon! The more colorful the shorts, the more likely I am to buy them. It’s the truth.

Time for my favorite part of the outfit. The tops.

This is where you can really spice it up and bring in color. {Along with fun, colorful running shorts!} My favorite brands are easily Lululemon, Nike and Champion. {Sometimes I find some really awesome brands/products at Marshall’s or TJMaxx!} I love that these are all different price ranges! I’ll splurge on Lulu every so often, but it’s usually a gift or a reward. {Like when I crossed the finish line after my marathon, you better believe I was thinking about what outfit I’d pick out at Lulu. Okay that’s a lie, but I thought about it the next day for sure 😉 } My other favorite form of workout tops are the awesome dry fit ones I get from running races! Sometimes it’s fun to show off the races I’ve run. Most races give pretty fun shirts and great brands like Under Armor and Brooks!


Top Left: Nike Top & Shorts – great for warmer weather
Top Right: Marshall’s Top {don’t remember brand} & Lulu Run Inspire II crops – perfect for cold/windy weather
Bottom Right: Lulu top {Swiftly Tech} and bottoms – mild weather
Bottom Left: Houston Marathon finisher shirt! Always proud to put that on. – Under Armor – mild/warm weather

So there you have it! I love workout clothes and I think that my collection is pretty intense. I find something new at every race I run and if I see a good deal on something, you better believe it’s mine 🙂 I guess you could say that the clothes keep me motivated to keep running and working out!

What are you favorite workout clothes?
Do you feel like they help push you to keep working out?
Any brands that I’m totally missing out on?

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

{All opinions about PowerSox are my own. I was given 2 sets to review and another to giveaway to my readers.}

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