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Girls Weekend: Zoo, Food, Pedis, Make Up, Dancing…

Girls Weekend: Zoo, Food, Pedis, Make Up, Dancing…


Here we are with another fantastic weekend behind us and another Monday staring us in the face. Also thought of as another chance to start the week fresh! I had yet another amazing weekend, this time spent with some amazing girl friends celebrating Miss Amber before she becomes a Mrs. next month!

I’ll have a full recap later this week with some awesome pictures, but here’s a sneak peek at how much fun we had this weekend via of course, my trusty iPhone. {Because we all know that I am incapable of remembering to actually get my Monday post ready on Sunday…}

1. Pretty decorations at Meghan’s home in San Antonio! A Pinterest worth sign if you ask me!
2. Famous Playa margarita at Perico’s…at least that’s what the bartender told me
3. More decorations! Don’t worry, I have the final products on my camera!
4. Awesome bird at the zoo. Meghan and I named him Elroy.
5. All the ladies at the zoo!
6. I loved seeing the kangaroos. They made me think of Maggie.
7. Picnic in the park after the zoo
8. Before pic. Getting our make up done at Bare Minerals
9. Cosmo at Wilfish before our fun the out!
So there you have it a sneak peek at our shenanigans! Party, zoo, pedis, make up, food, dancing…all the fun essentials of an awesome bachelorette girls weekend while all of our men were in Vegas!

We made it home by 5pm last night. Just enough time to unpack, squeeze in a workout after all the food I ate, eat some more and sit on my butt until it was time to pick up the hubs 🙂

What are you favorite girls weekend activities?
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Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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