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Second Largest Brewery in Golden, CO

Second Largest Brewery in Golden, CO

Thank you sweet baby Jesus for making it Friday. I love Fridays. I love getting to go into work a little late and leave a little early. I don’t even mind working so much just because I know that tomorrow I don’t have to! In fact tomorrow, I’m running in the Color in Motion 5K! Ballin’! In Houston and wanna join? It’s not too late! Sign up here: then use the code GOUGLER at checkout for 10% off! And if you want to join my team, Team Really Awesome you can get another $5 off. You’re welcome go do it. It’s gunna be a color blast!

I’m going to take one more detour before our regularly scheduled programming to thank everyone for their sweet comments yesterday about my blog identity crisis! I haven’t responded to everyone yet, but I’ll get there. I’m not sure if I’m going to actually change the name or come up with a tag line or maybe I just need a revamp. I’ll be sure to keep all my lovelies updated. Seriously y’all are the best.

Now remember that one time I went to Colorado, showed you some picks on Monday and then was a lazy bum and didn’t bother to upload anything until this morning? {Yeah you read that right. I did it at home before work because I was too busy sitting on my bum eating Almond milk ice cream.} Well now I can show you about my fab weekend with some pretty awesome people!

We got to Denver Friday evening around 8:30pm where Luke & Courtney were waiting for us at the airport. We don’t waste anytime so we went straight to the bars. Then this happened.

And if you remember from Monday, we also played some ping pong indoors, took pictures of a weed shop, went to some more bars and then ate late night hotdogs. Special hot dogs from Biker Jim’s. Mine was made of elk and for a girl who does not like hot dogs, I gave this a thumbs up.

Saturday morning after breakfast we headed out to Golden to see my brother! We met up at the Coor’s factory to go on a tour, but just as we got there they suspended tours for a “medical emergency”. We still don’t know what happened. All of us were entirely too impatient, so we settled for another brewery.

And what was their claim to fame you ask? Ah yes, Golden’s 2nd largest brewery. It was in a tiny little house with a “beer garden”. It was super sketch and totally fantastic. After trying a beer there, we decided to venture up one of the mountains to see Buffalo Bill’s grave. What not?

The views were incredible.

Of course I made everyone take pictures. {I was just using my little point and shoot.} To be honest, none of us really knew who Buffalo Bill was. I’m not really sure we know too much now, but I do know he traveled around with Annie Oakley and they had some sort of show. Buffalo Bill also fought Indians. And he was their friend. I’m not sure I get that. Maybe I should Google it.

Then we saw these and more pictures were deemed necessary. Obviously.

Eventually we found the grave. Exhilarating, I know. You had to work to find it. My poor lungs weren’t used to the thin air. Climbing up mountains and stuff.

Super exciting, I know

We eventually made it back down the mountain and back to Coors! The tour was actually pretty interesting. It also smelled weird. Overall we all had fun, but by the end, starving doesn’t even begin to describe our hunger. We were all pretty hangry.

After the most delicious pizza ever {I’ll never know if it was really that good or if I was just that hungry}, Luke & Courtney headed home to Denver while the rest of us went back to Benny’s apartment to relax for the rest of the night. We were still exhausted from Friday night’s shenanigans, so relaxing, watching X-Games and Transformers 2 was just what we needed.

Sunday we started the day with a campus tour of Colorado School of Mines! Here’s Benny’s track field!

Then we ventured around Golden, checked out some of the ski shops and walked along the kind of frozen river.

We had lunch in the old Capitol building! Did y’all know that Golden used to be the capitol of Colorado back in the day? Pretty neat. Something else that’s pretty neat is that my friend Danny {who now lives in Denver} met up with us for lunch! But I didn’t take any pictures…blogger fail.

After lunch it was time to climb a mountain! Oh my goodness. It was a little one, but I loved it. I want to do it again. I want to go back to Colorado and climb a fourteener with my brother. I’m going to do it. I can’t wait. I love being outside y’all. I’m an active girl and Colorado has seriously stolen a piece of my heart!

I love making my brother take pictures with me 🙂

It was pretty exhilarating hanging my feet over the ledge with Ben. I loved being up there soaking in the view and the fresh air. Then we had to go back down…boo.

After our mini mountain climb we went to Red Rock Amphitheater then it was time to get our stuff and head to the airport.

We had an amazing trip. It was great to see good friends and my brother. Benny and I haven’t always been very close. In fact growing up we fought all the time. We definitely didn’t like each other over 50% of the time. Wanna know why? We’re the same person.  We have the same brain. Similar personalities. We’re both sensitive. We both speak our minds. Too alike for our own good. We even look a lot alike. {Yes, I realize this may be because we have the same parents.} As we’ve grown up, we’ve gotten much better. I love that boy with all my heart and I still have to remind him from time to time. The time we spent together on this trip was very special to me and I can’t wait to do it again.

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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