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It’s time to get PRETTY MUDDY

It’s time to get PRETTY MUDDY

Some of y’all may remember from my Facts of Me post that I do not like getting dirty. I never have, but I can’t say I never will. I have one exception. Mud Runs. Y’all these things are legit. You get really muddy. And they’re really tough. I ran my first mud run last June with Julie and the hubs. This year I’ll run my second one only it’s no boys allowed. That’s right, girl’s only!

I’ll be participating in Pretty Muddy on June 1st up in Dallas, TX! You know you wanna join in the fun! Right now they’re offering a one time discount code for $20 off! This will be the lowest price you can get. Enter GIRLTIME in the promotion code to get the discount through the end of the month!

When you sign up, pick the 9:30am wave start and join Team Awesome because, well we’re pretty awesome! This way we can get our muddy race on in before the heat of the day and then get to the Pretty Muddy post race party!

Remember you don’t have to live in Dallas to join in the fun! I’ll be travelling up there from Houston, so let me know if any of my Houston girls want to make a weekend trip out of it! Also, fellow Houston bloggers, anyone interested in joining me as part of Team Pretty Muddy? Send me an e-mail and I’ll get you all the information you need!

I’ll leave you with a picture of just how awesome I look covered in mud…

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