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RnR SA Race Weekend Recap!

RnR SA Race Weekend Recap!

Here we are again, another Monday, another work week. At least next week is a short week for most due to Thanksgiving 🙂 Anywho, I spent this past weekend in San Antonio with my girl Julie running our 4th Rock ‘n Roll San Antonio together! Not only that is was our 6th half marathon together if you include 2010 Houston half and 2012 Disney Princesses!

Now I have for you some lovely pictures and words to recap how awesome this weekend was! {Actual expo and race recap to come tomorrow!}

Top Left: Maggie’s dinosaur Halloween costume for next year! Thanks Target clearance section for practically giving me this! 90% off…I couldn’t resist!
Top Right: My Julie and I watching the Ags BTHO Bama!
Bottom Left: On our way to San Antonio Friday after work
Bottom Right: Crave Cupcakes to celebrate Julie’s birthday…which is today!
I saw this on Facebook and couldn’t resist! Oh Johnny Football and your Scooby Doo Halloween costume. So excited that the Ags pulled through and actually beat Bama. To say that I am still shocked is an understatement

Saturday was spent at the Expo then watching the Ags followed by a delicious dinner at Cheesecake Factory. I’ll do an actual expo and race recap tomorrow. For now, here are a few pictures from race day! I can’t give away all my pics before tomorrow’s post 🙂

Finally crossed the finish line and it felt oh so good. It was a hot race y’all. Really hot. I’m sure you can tell just how soaking wet I am! Starting a distance race with the temperature already up to 70 degrees isn’t particularly promising. I’ll admit, I don’t run well in the heat. The warmer the weather, the harder it is for me to breathe…stupid asthma. Either way, I finished at just over 2 hours. Not my best and not my worst. Official time to come with tomorrow’s post!
I loved getting to spend the weekend with Julie. Our friendship goes back to our sophomore year of college. We weren’t exactly friends at first sight. It took some warming up to each other. In fact, we were originally “forced friends” as we were selected to be partners when we were directors for LEAD. To say it started as a very nontraditional friendship may be an understatement. The best thing about it all is that despite the notions we had already conceived about one another, we became besties. Today is my Julie’s birthday and Veteran’s day! 
To my Julie, Happy birthday sweet girl! I hope that today is amazing. It probably won’t be as amazing as yesterday because I am no longer in San Antonio, but it’ll still be pretty awesome I’m sure 🙂 I am so thankful to have you as one of my dearest friends. You are such a blessing in my life. Not everyone has a person that they can always count on not matter what. I’m fortunate to have a few of those, you being one of them. You are a beautiful person, inside and out. You know how to make me laugh even when I don’t want to. You compliment me and make me a better person. That’s was our best friends are for right? Today is your day to shine. I love you to pieces and can’t wait to see you again right before Christmas. I love you Julie Marie!

To our Veterans, Thank you for everything you have done for our country. It is because of you that we are able to keep our freedom. You are loved and respected more than you know. I am beyond blessed to have both of my parents as well as my father-in-law as Army Veterans. I am proud and honored to be your daughter. Happy Veterans Day! You deserve to be recognized every single day of the year!
Have a happy Monday y’all!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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