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Peace, Love, Pinterest & Football

Peace, Love, Pinterest & Football

Stupid Hurricane Isaac. Because of you, Texas A&M football no longer starts tomorrow. Instead our season opener will be on September 8th…first game in the SEC against an SEC opponent: Florida. don’t get me wrong, it should be a BLAST, but I wanted to root on the Ags tomorrow. I guess I can’t complain too much because this girl is going to the Houston Texans 4th preseason game at Reliant! I know the starters won’t be playing, but it’s exciting to go to a game nonetheless. {<– I love that word.} Speaking of love, let’s talk about what I’m loving these days shall we?

I’m loving that football season is among us. College games start this weekend and the first official NFL games start up the following week!

I’m loving that I’ll be spending more time in College Station with my amazing in-laws now that we’ll be headed down there for every home game! Whoop for season tickets! Whoop for having terrific in-laws that I look forward to seeing so much!

I’m loving RUNNING! Huge nerd? Yes. Yes I am. I’m seriously loving it. Yes, it’s hot. Yes, it can be miserable, but the feeling after I run is far better than the annoyance of sweat running down my face {aka whole body I sweat like crazy. TMI?} or the ache in my legs.

I’m loving the super awesome dinner I put together after track practice last night. You would think that I have a 2 year old in the house, but no just a 26 and almost 25 year old {3 days until my birthmonth!}

Yes, indeed that is a turkey dog wrapped in a cresent roll along with 2 pepperoni rolls {half a string cheese and 5-6 pepperonis wrapped in a cresent roll} along with a side of broccoli. Dinner of champions.

I’m loving this article. I love the 90’s. Think of all the awesome things that came out of it. Hansen, leggings, scrunchies, boom boxes…all awesome. Duh. This article is called 10 Lasting Effect Of Growing Up in the 90’s. Enjoy.

I’m loving that I’m managed to change my attitude this week. I’m tired of letting things get to me especially when it’s out of my control. I’ve turned to God and let him take the stress and anxiety off of my shoulders. I know that he has big plans for me.

I’m loving my wonderful husband, beautiful family and great friends. I have so many special people in my life that make a wonderful support system!


Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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