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Sweet {Green} Spring

Sweet {Green} Spring

Happy happy Spring my friends! I am so happy it’s officially Spring even though Spring has been in full force in Houston for several weeks now. Something about sunshine and longer days that put me in a better mood. Not only is today the first day of Spring, but it is my wonderful mother-in-law’s birthday! Happy Birthday Jody, I love you so much!

Now for the Green part of this post! Did y’all have a fun St. Patrick’s Day? I sure did! I love being in College Station. That city just feels like home! So many memories, good and bad, but all worth it! The drive to College Station was glorious! The weather couldn’t get any better.We got to CS on Saturday just in time for lunch which obviously meant we were heading to Blue Baker. {Those of you who have never been to College Station, Blue Baker is one reason to go. It’s an amazing deli/bakery with great sandwiches, pizzas, treats and more!} We pretty much hit up Blue Baker every time we’re in town. Lunch was followed by Aggie baseball! The team hit two home runs and beat Kansas State!

Clockwise from top left: Driving to CStat on a beautiful {almost} Spring day
Aggie baseball in action
Shamrocks on the bases!
Sporting our green

After baseball we headed back to the Gouglers for some beer/wine and down time before dinner. Phil {my father-in-law} grilled some Salmon fillets and they were AMAZING! I just love fish 🙂 {I definitely wouldn’t have said that 2 years ago!} Dinner was followed by a quick wardrobe change and then out to Northgate!

L to R: Sporting my jade green pants!
Kristin with green beer…she was holding mine 🙂
The hubs and I showing off our St. Patty’s day attire

We started off the night at O’Bannons which was packed and super fun! They blocked off the road and had a tent set up in the street with an Irish band playing! They were actually great and we enjoyed dancing along. Unfortunately, there were so many completely wasted people that kept stepping all over us and crossing the personal space barrier. We clearly didn’t get out to Northgate early enough!

Clockwise from top left: Kristin and I at O’Bannons
The Irish band. I think they were called the Kaggerty’s or something like that 🙂
The 3 Musketeers!
Green beer at Logan’s

After being at O’Bannons for about an hour we decided to head over to Logan’s! Definitely a good decision. It was less crowded and I saw some of my friends from college! We weren’t sure if we would see anyone since it’s been a while since we graduated. Logan’s was fun as always, but seeing as though we all had things to do on Sunday, we decided to head home “early” around 12:30ish am. Feeling like crap wasn’t on my list of things to do on Sunday, especially since we have a wedding next weekend!

Top: With my lover <3
Bottom L to R: New entrance to Olsen Field at Blue Bell Park
The filed from our club seats
Wall mural in the club section beneath the stadium

On Sunday, Phil cooked up a gigantic, delicious breakfast of french toast, eggs and bacon, plus the blueberry lemon yogurt loaf that Kristin made! I was stuffed. I always eat to much when I go to my parents or the Gouglers 🙂 Luckily it kept me full past lunchtime. The Aggies had a 1:00pm game and we had club level tickets that Phil managed to score FOR FREE! Our seats were right behind the plate. {Take a look above!} Once again the Ags pulled out a victory and scored another home run while they were at it. That makes 3 we saw for the weekend! Then we packed up and headed back to Houston for a lazy Sunday evening!

Did you have fun this St. Patrick’s Day?

Now for the sweet part of this post! Yesterday I received my Spring Sweets Swap package! The lovely Kristi from Miller Time sent me this amazing package!

 Spring Sweets Swap
Hershey Kiss Pies, Reeses, Kit Kats and extra Kisses! I’m in Heaven!

Sweet note to accompany my goodies!

Thank you thank you Kristi! I love my Spring Sweets! Make sure you go check out Kristi’s blog. Oh and did I mention she’s an Aggie…just like me? What are the odds. Small world! I’m so glad to have Kristi as a new Aggie blogging friend!

Happy first day of Spring to all! I hope the weather where you are is nicer than the torrential down pour we currently have across the state of Texas!

Until next time…
With love and God bless

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